How Water Ionizers Inspire Celebrities to be Good Influences!

Why is alkaline water from our award-winning Tyent water ionizers so popular among health and fitness social media celebrities?

We sat down for a glass of chilled alkaline water with a few of our favorite athletes and health and wellness personalities to catch up with them and learn how Tyent water ionizers rock their world!

alkaline water
Keith Carlos: model, pro-sportsman, and Tyent alkaline water drinker!

Keith Carlos

NFL player-turned-model Keith Carlos has a rare perspective on how important proper hydration is; with a dual career at the very top of a physically challenging sport and modeling that is aesthetically demanding.

The molecular hydrogen (H2) found in Tyent’s alkaline water (better known as hydrogen water) is vital for efficient hydration and fast recovery from training, while the antioxidants that hydrogen water contains can battle aging and free radicals in the skin to give you skin that really glows with health.

“Keeping my skin clear, clean, and fresh by hydrating with water using @tyentusa hydrogen water as a part of my daily skin regimen is a MUST!”Keith Carlos

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TV Host Jessica Deluise recommends Tyent Water Ionizers for better, healthy habits!

Jessica Deluise

Just watching author, TV host and businesswoman Jessica Deluise in action makes us feel inspired! Her approach to healthy eating and drinking is all about feeling healthy and enhancing her wellness through proper nutrition, which is something we can all learn from.

Jessica prefers to drink hydrogen water from her Tyent water ionizer because the health benefits that she receives from drinking our delicious hydrogen water align with her philosophy of encouraging good health through what we eat and drink daily!

water ionizers
Tyent Water Ionizers have made their way into SirPlantsALot’s Technicolor world on Instagram!


If you’re having a bad day and need something inspiring to lift your spirits, then spend a few minutes in the awesome Technicolor world of SirPlantsALot.

This Technicolor world is like the “real world,” – but SirPlantsALot designed this world to look and taste like it’s been touched with magic!

Want to join in on the Technicolor fun? Just add hydrogen water from your Tyent water ionizer, dive in, and dream of unicorns and rainbow-sprinkled sorbet.

water ionizers
Tyent water ionizers make alkaline water that’s perfect for a 21-day cleanse. Just ask personal trainer Allison Tibbs!

Allison Tibbs

Inspirational Personal Trainer and Healthy Lifestyle Coach Allison Tibbs is the kind of best friend we all need.

A cheerleader for holistic personal development, Allison has more tips on increasing your energy levels and feeling fantastic than we can shake a kale smoothie at – with one of these tips being a 21-day alkaline water cleanse from a Tyent water ionizer machine.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how Tyent can help me to just take everything to the next level.” – Allison Tibbs

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