Is Alkaline Water As Good For You As Reverse Osmosis Water?

A quick read about Reverse Osmosis water and it sounds great…the water is filtered to remove any of the bad stuff, and what splashes into your glass is pure and clean liquid refreshment.  Well yes, it is.  But that’s all it is.  It’s the watery equivalent of a wasteland.  No life, no minerals. But you could manage without them, maybe?  Take a supplement?

Victim of Crime?  Is Your Water Stealing Your Minerals?
Victim of Crime?  Is Your Water Stealing Your Minerals?

Well, yes you could, but the news about Reverse Osmosis water gets worse.  Not only is it “dead” water, in that it doesn’t deliver anything beneficial to your system except for simple hydration, but it is so mineral-deprived that it actually scavenges minerals from your body.  Your mineral-rich bones and teeth are like a Michelin-starred restaurant to Reverse Osmosis water.  It’s unstable, and leaches trace minerals to stabilize itself.  And the final insult?  When it’s taken minerals from your body, what does it do with them?  Nothing.  When you urinate, you lose the water and the minerals.  Bye-bye minerals.

Any Redeeming Features?

In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that Reverse Osmosis water “has a definite adverse influence on the animal and human organism.”  The WHO considered dozens of studies into demineralized water, and found that in order to maintain good health, water should contain minerals.

Reverse Osmosis water shouldn’t be written off as the bad guy completely though.  Like all the best villains, Reverse Osmosis water has significant redeeming features.  It can be used in war zones and famine-stricken parts of the world to save lives.   The world needs Reverse Osmosis water, but only for temporary and emergency situations.

Choose Alkaline Water!

Drinking Reverse Osmosis water on a regular basis may possibly be harmful to your health.  It’s all in stark contrast to what happens when you drink fresh alkaline water from your Tyent IonizerWith ionized water, you get a revitalizing oxygen and mineral boost, which helps to support a healthy and hydrated body.

Refreshment after exercises

Apart from that cooling glass of alkaline water first thing in the morning, what are your other tips for getting the day off to flying start?  We’d love to hear from you!

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