Ditch the Soda – Water Ionizers are Naturally Good for You!

It hasn’t been a great couple of months to be in the soda industry.  On 20th April this year a report was published by the America Stroke Association that appeared to draw a link between the consumption of artificially sweetened “diet” soda and the risk of suffering a stroke or dementia.  A further report from Beverage Marketing Corps pointed to the fact that Americans now officially drink more bottled water than soda.

We’ve woken up and started ditching the sugar.
Bittersweet News

Coca-Cola responded by announcing job cuts and a new CEO who, it is believed, will try to steer the mighty company towards “healthier drinks” that have more appeal for today’s consumer.

It is, by and large, good news.  Too much sugar is seriously bad for us and so are some of the other ingredients that find their way into soda.  Drinking water is a much better option, but choosing your water is something that requires careful thought.

Plastic is Bad for the Planet

The bottled water industry is behind many of the 6 billion plastic bottles that are thrown away each year in America, and despite heart-warming messages of “recyle this bottle” on their products, Coca-Cola (oh, hello again) recently ‘fessed up that they only source a tiny 7% of plastic from recycled materials.

It’s hard to feel good about your health choices if there’s a negative impact on the environment — and oh boy, there really is when it comes to plastic.

Why Water Ionizers are the Healthy Option

Buying a water ionizer means that you have delicious, freshly filtered mineral water literally on tap.  At the push of a button, every glass of Tyent Water delivers:

  • Faster Hydration
  • Antioxidants
  • Immune support
  • Minerals
  • Bio-available Hydrogen
  • Increased Energy

And no plastic bottles or scary ingredients in sight!

We should all drink enough water, but drinking hydrogen water with the kind of additional benefits that a Tyent water ionizer can deliver, is even better.

Want to Know More about Water Ionizers?

Love to learn more?  Check out our awesome Cheat Sheet and find out just how much a Tyent water ionizer can add to your life!

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