Water Ionizers and the Magic of Hydrogen

Remember your basic elemental tables from school?  Sure you do!  With only a tiny prompt, we know that hydrogen + oxygen = water.  We know how much we need oxygen but how much do you know about the effect of hydrogen on our health? 

There really is something in the water. 
Does “Magic Water” Really Exist?

You may well have heard about the “fountains of youth” and the “healing waters” that people have sought out for generations.

Well, it seems that they were really onto something.  The healing springs in Lourdes are possibly the most celebrated, but other sources of “miracle” water are scattered across the globe, from Nordenau in Germany to Tlacote in Mexico, with many others between.

Hydrogen from Your Water Ionizer

The water isn’t powerfully healing because it’s magical or blessed by the divine; it’s because it’s absolutely saturated with hydrogen.  The element that all life depends upon; hydrogen has been amazing people for hundreds of years with its incredible impact on wellness and health.

Hydrogen in Tyent Water!

And you know what’s in Tyent water?  Yep.  Hydrogen.  The very same potent, powerful element that flows from those celebrated healing springs is contained in every single glass of Tyent water.

When you buy a water ionizer from Tyent, you’re buying pure, fresh hydrogen-rich water at the press of a button.  Buy wisely though; not all ionizers produce hydrogen water!

What’s In the Water?

Every refreshing glass of hydrogen water from your Tyent water ionizer provides you with:

  • Tyent Water is up to five times more hydrating than regular water
  • Free radicals are wiped out by the immune-boosting antioxidants in Tyent Water
  • Essential for health, Tyent Water contains a slew of vital minerals in every glass
  • Amazing taste! You’ll notice immediately how delicious Tyent Water from your water ionizer tastes!  Our incredible filters mean that every drop from your water ionizer is safe, clean and great-tasting!


Let’s Talk About Water Ionizers!

The healing springs at Lourdes and around the globe have been revered throughout history, and yet it’s only relatively recently that medical experts started to understand how the water really works.

Now you can benefit from the very same incredible benefits that pure hydrogen delivers.  Want to know more?  Call us today at to talk more about the wonders of hydrogen!

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