Soda is a Big Problem in “The Town Without Water”

For residents of San Cristóbal de las Casas, a southeastern state of Chiapas in Mexico, soda isn’t an occasional drink; soda is their main source of hydration!

Kids need to drink water – not soda.
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Soda Linked to Diabetes?

Due to decreasing rainfall, poor local infrastructure and (crucially) a huge Coca-Cola plant on the outskirts of San Cristóbal de las Casas that has a license to draw thousands of gallons of water every day from the local water reserves, locals end up drinking soda instead of water.

The presence and effect of the Coca-Cola plant is the subject of heated and emotional debate, but what’s also startling is how a daily diet that consists mainly of soda is affecting the health and well-being of San Cristóbal residents.

The persistent shortage of drinkable water and easy access to cheap soda means that many San Cristóbal locals drink over half a gallon of soda every day.

“You see the kids drinking Coke and not water. Right now, diabetes is hitting the adults, but it’s going to be the kids next. It’s going to overwhelm us.” – Dr. Vicente Vaqueiros, San Juan Chamula

 Mortality Rates Are Rising!

 The toxic effects of drinking soda that is laced with sugar and chemicals are sobering since diabetes as a cause of death in Chiapas leaped an astonishing 30% from 2013 – 2016. In the region, diabetes is responsible for more than 3,000 deaths every year.

 Two generations are already struggling with diabetes, and children (who make up the third generation of residents) currently have little choice but to continue drinking soda instead of water.

Soda – Don’t Go There!

San Cristóbal de las Casas might be an extreme example of locals drinking soda instead of water, but there is little doubt that soda does our health no favors at all.

As the temperatures rise and we seek out ways to cool down and hydrate, it’s important that we hydrate ourselves in a way that promotes good health rather than running the risk of compromising our health.

“Soft drink consumers are being exposed to an avoidable and unnecessary cancer risk from an ingredient that is being added to these beverages simply for aesthetic purposes.

This unnecessary exposure poses a threat to public health and raises questions about the continued use of caramel coloring in soda.”  – Dr. Nachman, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

To avoid health risks that are unnecessary and toxic – consumers should avoid drinking soda and choose to drink water – particularly hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer.

Nothing Quenches Thirst Like Tyent Alkaline Water!

When you’re thirsty, nothing can hydrate you like water can – especially alkaline water that’s rich in molecular hydrogen.

Hydrogen water from a Tyent water ionizer doesn’t just taste great, hydrogen water also:

  • Hydrates you faster and for longer periods of time than regular tap water does
  • Contains naturally occurring hydrogen and no dubious additives
  • Contains antioxidants that your body needs to fight free radicals

In order to give you these alkaline water benefits – a Tyent water ionizer machine uses your source water to convert the water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water – which is far more cost effective than drinking bottled water!

alkaline water
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  1. If only we could all stop drinking softdrinks. That’s why having access to good, clean water is important. We need more access and options.

    1. Hi, Alberto. For everyone to be able to pick the healthier choice is an idea we fully support. Making the switch to alkaline water by getting your own a Tyent water ionizer is a great first step. If you’re interested in knowing more about our machines, please call our water ionizer experts at 855-893-6887.

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