Hit the Beach With Ionized Water!

Sunglasses?  New book?  Hat?  Water?  Check!

Just add water…
Lazing On a Sunny Afternoon?

Don’t even think about hitting the beach or lakeside this summer without making sure you have the essentials.  In sun-soaked Australia, a popular health campaign recommended that people should “Slip, Slop, Slap.”  In other words: “Slip on a shirt, slop on the sunscreen and slap on a hat.” 

Sun Safety and Water Ionizers

That original advice has now been extended to “Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide.”  The last two additions prompt us to seek out shade and slide on some sunglasses as well, to make sure we stay safe in the sun.  It’s great advice!  While the sun can equal lots of fun and hazy, lazy days, it’s important that we protect ourselves.

It’s also vital that we don’t forget that the sun can dehydrate us even if we’re just chilling with a Kindle and watching the kids do the running around!

Walking on Sunshine

Often, we rely on our thirst to tell us that we need to drink some water.  In fact, feeling thirsty is one of the first symptoms of early dehydration.

We should avoid getting to that stage by sipping water constantly in hot weather.  It’s also important to drink more than usual if you are, for example, playing sports or working outdoors in hot weather.

 Water Ionizers and Hydrogen

It’s easy to avoid dehydration with a Tyent Ionizer.  Why is that?  Well, Tyent Water is packed with bio-available molecular hydrogen.  Hydrogen molecules are amazing.  They are able to gain access to the energy-producing mitochondria within each cell to hydrate and energize your body at a cellular level.

Alkaline hydrogen water hydrates you faster and for longer than regular water.  In fact, you’ll probably notice such a difference in your energy levels, that you’ll put down that book and pick up a tennis racket or volleyball instead!

Bottling Up Problems? 

Forget expensive bottled water and ditch the soda – its bad news for the planet and for your health as well.  Mineral-rich, hydrogen-packed Tyent Water is the most delicious way to hydrate yourself this summer!

Tyent Water Advice Down Under!

In fact, we might make an addition of our own to that Australian Health campaign.  How about Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide, Sip?

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