Keep Your Cool With a Water Ionizer!

We all need to drink around 2 liters of water every day to stay properly hydrated.  That still applies to anyone with a sedentary lifestyle or sitting at a desk job.  But sometimes, our bodies need more.

Whatever you do during the day, make sure you drink Tyent Water.
A Thirst for Fitness! 

If you play sports, take an exercise class, go hiking or enjoy any of the fantastic fitness opportunities available to most of us — you need to increase the amount of water you drink.

To be fair, that’s common knowledge.  After all, our bodies tell us that we’re thirsty, so we sip some water.  But why?  What happens inside our body that means we should drink more?  And why does it matter so much what we drink?

Our Amazing Bodies!

If we’re doing it right, when we exercise, our muscles are working harder and faster than usual.  Alongside this effort, the heart is pumping more rapidly.  It all means that more heat is being created.  Our bodies generally like to stay around a constant, optimum internal temperature.  To achieve this, the body copes with the extra internal warmth by sweating.

When we sweat, water and essential mineral salts escape from our pores.  The sweat evaporates, cooling our body as it does so.

However, our kidneys are alert to this and “tell” the brain that we’re thirsty and need to drink water to replace the lost fluids.  Clever, huh?

Liquids to Avoid? 

But what we drink to replace those vital fluids is all-important.  Soda is bad news all round.  Bad for our health, bad for the planet. Tap water? With horror stories about America’s municipal water supply hardly ever off the front page, it’s not exactly a tempting option.

Bottled water?  Well, if you can ignore the environmental cost and the accelerating concerns over what’s leaking from the plastic bottle into your water, then yep, it’s an option.

Energy and Hydration from Your Water Ionizer

So what’s the best way to hydrate?  Ionized mineral-rich, hydrogen water fresh from your own ionizer. Tyent Water is packed with amazing hydrogen molecules that work right down at a cellular level and hydrate you faster and for longer than with regular water.

With filters that remove over 200 contaminants, including up to 99% of lead, mercury, beryllium, uranium and fluoride when a two-bank filter is added, you can drink with confidence.

Hydrogen water even boosts your natural energy levels so that you can run, lift, swim, kick or play for longer!

Call Now! 

Why not give one of our team a call on to find out how Tyent Water can help you to stay right on top of your game?


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