A Reader Wants to Know: Can I Stay Hydrated with Soda? (Revised)

I was surprised when I first read this question.  It’s amazing to me that some people still don’t realize just how unhealthy those sugar-laden soft drinks are for you and the damage they impart.

A horror movie coming to a landfill near you.
A horror movie coming to a landfill near you.

Soft drinks are water based, so you may get the water you need to stay alive from drinking them. But it is what is added to that water that makes it so bad for you.  It’s no secret these days that science has proven sugar is really bad for us and when consumed in excess can lead to any number of serious health problems, with Diabetes being at the top of that list. 

Then there is the pollution factor: air pollution from the manufacture of the plastic and the fossil fuels burned to deliver it, as well as the disposal of the plastic bottles that typically get tossed into the trash.

So to answer the question, yes, you can probably remain hydrated enough to stay alive drinking soda; you can also probably stay alive by eating only donuts.  But for how long and at what price to your health?

 Why Should I Drink More Water and Will any Water Do?

Everyone should drink more water but it doesn’t end there.  Actually, deciding to drink more is where it begins.  We can get the water we need to stay alive from the foods we eat and from other water-based drinks but it is the quality of the water that is also very important.

You can quench your thirst with a soda (sort of) and the water will hydrate you to some degree, but realize you are also consuming 16 teaspoons of sugar or to put into perspective, about 17 sugar packets in a 20-ounce soda.

Can you imagine sitting down and adding, one by one, 17 packets of sugar to your iced-tea?  People watching would think you were crazy, but that is what you are doing every time you drink a bottle or can of soda.

Now, you can go sugar free and drink soda that contains no sugar but is loaded with Aspartame. But Aspartame is a proven poisonous sugar substitute that may cause all manner of damage to the body and brain and should be avoided like the plague.

To answer the question however, yes you should drink more water because water hydrates the body, flushes the system and sustains life. But we don’t recommend getting your water from sodas and soft drinks. Be choosy about the source. When you drink Tyent water, you’re nourishing your body with ultra-hydrating water.

Tyent Alkaline Water to the Rescue!

When you purchase a water ionizer from Tyent, you are making an investment. Not only will you save tons of money by eliminating the purchase and disposal of expensive bottled products, but it is actually really good for you on many levels. If you’d like to learn more, call us up at  to talk about the many health benefits our customers enjoy.


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