Behind “Safe” Bottled Water

Back in 2008, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that 10 top brands of bottled water contained contaminants such as disinfectant by-products, pain medication and fertilizer residue.

Toxic Waste Near Water

Even if the beverage industry has cleaned up its act since then, there’s still the worry that plastic leaches controversial carcinogen Bisphenal A (BPA) into the bottled water.  No one is certain about the long-term effects of imbibing the estrogen-mimicking chemical, so wobbly reassurances along the lines of “it seems to be alright so far…” is pretty much the best we have.

Portable Problems?

So how about using “safe” reusable plastic bottles instead?  When Treadmill reviews commissioned environmental testing laboratory services company EmPak P&K to test 12 different types of portable plastic water bottles for bacteria, we wonder whether they were braced for the results.

EmPak came back with the shocking revelation that reusable, regular plastic water bottles harbored up to an astonishing 300,000 colony-forming units of viable bacteria cells per square centimeter.

Tyent GoodLife in Your Life

By contrast, Tyent GoodLife bottles are constructed from food grade stainless steel and are BPA-free as well as being non-leaching and toxin-free.

Drinking clean water can seem unnecessarily complicated, but really it isn’t.  A Tyent water ionizer will provide you with safe, antioxidant-rich, hydrogen-packed alkaline water every time.

pregnant woman drinking water

Tyent Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Did you know that there are over 500 clinical studies on hydrogen in water?  Scientists are constantly making new breakthroughs that help to unlock the myriad benefits of hydrogen water.

What’s more, Tyent water ionizers filter water at the same micron level as kidney dialysis machines, removing over 200 contaminants, including 99.9% of lead.  Why not check out our water filter report for more information?

Give us a call at to see how easily one of our water ionizers can fit cleanly into your life.

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    1. Hi Jane,
      We’re so happy that you found this article helpful. Getting in the habit of filling up a re-usable bottle with ionized alkaline water instead of just reaching for a bottle of water is truly a win win…it’s good for you and good for the earth:-) Thanks for posting.

  1. I had no idea how to approach this before now. Havng an in depth about alkaline water from this blog has helped me understand more about how water ionizers work. I’m locked and loaded.

    1. Hi Wilhelmina,

      We’re happy that we’ve been about to teach you more about alkaline water and water ionizers, and of course, the dangers of bottled water. When you’re ready to buy a water ionizer, you can download our water ionizer buyer’s guide, and you can learn a lot by giving one of our water ionizer experts a call at 855-893-6887 too. Happy learning!

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