Tyent Water Ionizers Versus the Competition: A 10 Part Series! Part 1:  Water Ionizer vs. Water Softener

We can’t promise the thrills, spills and general roller coaster ride that was the race for the White House; but we can promise facts, figures and everything else you need to know about how Tyent Water Ionizers measure up against the competition!

The gloves are off.  Water Ionizer vs. Water Softener.
The gloves are off.  Water Ionizer vs. Water Softener.

We’re covering so much in our new 10-part series that you’ll need to keep checking back so that you don’t miss a thing!

First up – Water Ionizers vs. Water Softeners.  Let’s go! *rings bell.*

Why “Soften” Water?

Why do people want to soften their water?  Well, hard water can contain excess levels of calcium, magnesium, and sulfates.  The water softener removes the excess minerals to give you “soft” water.

Soft water is great for lathering soap, de-clogging scaled-up pipework or washing your hair maybe, but what about drinking it?  Is soft water good for you and your health?

During the water-softening process, known as an ion-exchange, sodium is added in varying amounts, depending on the hardness of the source water.  If the source water is very hard, then the softening process might add as much as the equivalent of 30 mg of sodium to an 8 oz. glass of water.

If you are trying to follow a low-salt diet, then that’s something to bear in mind.  Consequently, people with kidney problems, the elderly and babies should all avoid drinking softened water.

The Cost to Our Planet

There’s also an environmental cost.  Over the last few years, some states have banned the use of water softeners as not only do they “waste” water; but they also dump large quantities of salt back into the water system, leading to increased levels of sodium in the water supply and soil.

No Ban on Ionizers!

With a water ionizer, there’s no waste, no environmental harm.  The mineral-rich water is balanced perfectly with antioxidants and natural hydrogen.  The source water flows into the ionizer and is filtered for clean, safe drinking.

think green

We’re sympathetic to people who have real problems with hard water, but water softeners aren’t necessarily the answer.  But a water ionizer machine might be.

Why not call us to obtain a free water report and find out?

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