3 Reasons to Think Before You Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

Feature | Reasons to NEVER Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

In this article, find out why reverse osmosis water can be worse than untreated water.

In this article:

  1. What Is Reverse Osmosis?
  2. 3 Reasons to Reconsider Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water
    1. Reverse Osmosis Water Does Not Have Minerals
    2. It Doesn’t Hydrate as Well as Alkaline Water
    3. RO Is Extremely Wasteful

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water


What Is Reverse Osmosis?

What Is Reverse Osmosis? | Reasons to NEVER Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

“Reverse osmosis water” is a fancy scientific term used by many these days. You produce it through reverse osmosis (RO), obviously. It is a process of purifying water, but most people don’t know what an RO system is.

It is an issue for one crucial reason.

Without understanding how the reverse osmosis filtration works, it is difficult to see the disadvantages of the system. Reverse osmosis water is not safe for human consumption.

It is also not good for the environment. Later, you will know why.

What is reverse osmosis? RO is a method of removing contaminants from the source water by applying pressure. The machine lets the water flow through a series of artificial, semi-permeable membranes to further remove impurities.

Many homes and businesses use it for many different water purification purposes.

At home, RO systems should help “improve” tap water. Some industrial-scale water purification plants also use them.

Unfortunately, reverse osmosis is not as effective as a water treatment solution. It can create massive problems.

3 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

reverse osmosis water

Just like distilled water, Tyent discourages drinking reverse osmosis water. Here are the reasons:

1. Reverse Osmosis Water Does Not Have Minerals

Part of the definition of reverse osmosis water is it is “purified water.” It means all the sediment, heavy metals, hard minerals, nutrients, viruses, and bacteria (both the good and bad) are no longer present.

Recent worldwide studies focused on the health risks of drinking demineralized water discovered:

Drinking water should contain minimum levels of certain essential minerals . . . . Sufficient evidence is now available to confirm the health consequences from drinking water deficient in calcium or magnesium.

– Frantisek Kozisek, National Institute of Public Health, Czech Republic

In contrast, Tyent alkaline water quality maintains high levels of antioxidants. It also contains essential nutrients like magnesium, which is essential to human life.

2. It Doesn’t Hydrate as Well as Alkaline Water

water ionizer
The ALL NEW Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Water Ionizer

Alkaline water can hydrate the body more efficiently than tap water.

Meanwhile, all indications cite how reverse osmosis water is less hydrating than even untreated water. This is because RO water has zero electrolytes.

When the machines filter the water, they also remove them.

Zero Electrolytes and No Antioxidants = Less Hydrating Water

Of course, alkaline water is rich in antioxidants and electrolytes. These help hydrate the body and neutralize harmful free radicals.

Electrolytes Definition: A combination of dissolved salts, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. All together, they regulate the flow of water of the cells. They are also essential in maintaining nerve impulses.

3. RO Is Wasteful

A 2013 study by researchers at North Dakota State University revealed:

An RO unit delivering 2 gallons of treated water per day may discharge 8 to 15 gallons of waste water per day to the septic system.

– Tom Scherer, Ph.D., and Roxanne Johnson

To produce reverse osmosis water, the machines have to expel 4 to 8 times the amount of waste as they do potable water!

Tyent water ionizers use filtration and alkalization. These processes treat 100% of the water that enters the unit.


Hveragerthi’s channel discusses how reverse osmosis and distilled water works and what it does to your body when you drink it:

With all these downsides, here’s our suggestion: drink alkaline water. It is very much the opposite of reverse osmosis water.

A water ionizer is more efficient than an RO system. It also produces mineral-rich, ultra-hydrating alkaline water.

Avoiding drink neutralized mineral-ridden reverse osmosis water again. Instead, use a Tyent water ionizer to create alkaline water.

Have you tried a water ionizer? What was the experience? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below. Don’t forget to read our Tyent Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide for more information.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on April 30, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

3 Reasons to Think Before You Drink Reverse Osmosis Water https://www.tyentusa.com/3-reasons-to-avoid-drinking-reverse-osmosis-water

16 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Think Before You Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thanks for the comment. Any of our water ionizers would work for getting you the cleanest and healthiest water. Please call one of our experts now so that they can help you find the machine that’s best for you 855-893-6887.

  1. Thank you for your information. Past 3years we are using RO water. After reading all the information I’m getting afraid. So, can you suggest which one is good

    1. Hi, Maruthaiyan. We’re happy that the information we’ve shared has helped you. We recommend that you keep your reverse osmosis machine to deep clean your water, and then hook up a Tyent water ionizer so that you get healthy antioxidants and minerals in your water, too. Water helps provide a lot of the minerals that your body needs. Having a water ionizer is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly in the long run, and drinking alkaline water produced by these machines is proven to boost your body’s energy levels and anti-aging defenses.

      To add a Tyent machine to your home, call at 855-893-6887 today, and our water ionizer experts can guide you through the features of our machines and the process of the hookup.

  2. Lots of information about not drinking osmosis water. I live in the country in WI and have high levels of nitrates and copper and other chemicals. I stopped buying bottled water, because of chemicals in the plastic and water
    What is left to do ??????
    Where is the good water ?????
    I have Thyroid problems and IBS , try to live healthy, try to eat mostly organic .
    But the most important , the water supply is not safe !!
    And what truly is the better water to drink in our state of WI . Let me know .

    1. Hi, Ria. It’s good to hear that you’re choosing to live a good lifestyle by actively taking care of your health. We recommend that you keep your reverse osmosis machine to deep clean your water, and then hook up a Tyent water ionizer so that you get healthy antioxidants and minerals in your water as well. What you don’t want to do is take out all of the minerals in your water and then drink it because your body needs these minerals, and water is a big part of where your body gets these minerals from. Not only is owning a water ionizer more environmentally friendly, as you won’t need to buy and recycle hundreds of plastic bottles, but it’s better for your health in the long term, too. Give us a call at 855-893-6887 so our water ionizer experts can discuss the benefits of our machines with you and explain the hookup.

  3. Our system is max. 2:1 waste water because we have a booster pump before the RO filter. Health Canada claims that the minor amounts of lacking minerals in RO filtered water is accounted for in our typical Canadian diet. Also, some RO filters have Alkaline boosters as an option to the filtered water supply, basically a cartridge filled with mineral pellets and salts so the cost is minimal. We have high TDS, Manganese and Sodium content from our well so RO with Alkaline cartridge was our best option. And the replacement cartridges are not ‘pressure containers’ so the waisted plastics are reduced.

    1. Hi, Shawn. It’s great to know that you have a water filtration system that currently works for you and your home. The American diet is usually is not enough to provide the minerals that your body requires, and RO water can satisfy hydration needs for short period on time in an emergency situation. But alkaline water is a far healthier option because it provides minerals and a load of antioxidants too. Plus, it’s got molecular hydrogen, which has over 1000 studies to support the health benefits. We guarantee that a Tyent water ionizer is an investment that’s worth looking into. For more details, give us a call at 855-893-6887 and our water ionizer experts will happily talk to you about the awesome features of our machines.

    1. Hi, Stojko. Thanks for the comment and for sharing your opinion. We don’t suggest drinking RO water because your body needs healthy minerals and it gets a lot of minerals from mineral-rich water. Since RO water has none, it can be a big problem for your body. Reverse osmosis removes the bad stuff from your water as well as the good minerals that your body needs. Please do more research on the dangers to your health from drinking reverse osmosis water. You can browse our blog for more informative articles on alkaline water and its positive impact on your health.

    1. Hi, Azhar. Research has proven that alkaline water provides numerous benefits for our bodies, and our water ionizers and happy customers are proof of that. Thanks for your comment about reverse osmosis and alkaline water.

  4. Hi what are the main benefits of a water ionizer versus an RO filter? My family and I have one and I’m thinking about making the switch after reading this.


    1. Hi, Richard. We’re so happy to hear you were convinced by our article! We’d love to help you learn more about the RO filtration system and its detailed process.

      We also recommend reading our Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet if you want more information. Our water ionizer experts would love to discuss the good things about our machines with you, so call us at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Alexa! Thanks for visiting Tyent’s blog. Alkaline water provides numerous health benefits, so we’re pleased to hear you’re drinking it and loving it.

      If your friends are interested in learning more about Tyent water ionizers, then they can give us a call! We’ll happily compare any water ionizers that they’re currently considering side by side. Please give one of our water experts a call at 855-893-6887 so that we can answer any questions you might have.

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