101 Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers Parts 1 and 2: Health Benefits and More

Part 1: Doctors, Health, Benefits, Dealers

  1. Health Benefits From Your Tyent Water Ionizer.

How long have you got?  The many benefits that you can expect from a Tyent water ionizer will amaze you.   Alkaline water can help your overall health in so many ways, and it’s hands down the easiest and most delicious method of supporting your short term and long term well-being.


  1. Tyent Alkaline Water Has an Abundance of Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants are our heroes.  They pursue, conquer and neutralize damaging free radicals, which cause aging, disease and deterioration in our overall health. Doctors and medical experts can’t say enough good things about the power of antioxidants, which are abundantly available in every sip of ionized alkaline water. 

  1. Tyent Water Ionizers Create Hydrogen Water

There’s a real buzz about the incredible health benefits of hydrogen water, and alkaline water is full of it.  The medical profession and health experts globally have long known that hydrogen water is excellent for our health and of course, a Tyent ionizer is the easiest and most efficient way of delivering it!

  1. Tyent’s Ultra Filters Produce the Cleanest Alkaline Water in the Water Ionizer Industry

It’s hard to exaggerate how important this is.  Contaminated water is never out of the news these days and there’s never been a better time to buy a Tyent ionizer to ensure the water you and your family drink is the purest and cleanest available in the water ionizer industry today.  Tyent ionizers are the market leaders when it comes to cutting-edge technology and a safe, reliable filtration system. 

  1. Celebrities Love Drinking Tyent Alkaline Water 

Want to know how your favorite celebrity stays camera-ready or right on top of their athletic performance?  You guessed it… alkaline water!  Tyent ionized water has so many celebrity fans that we can’t list them all, but we do sure have an impressive star count!


  1. What are Doctors Saying About Tyent Water Ionizers? (For the full scoop on doctors’ perspective on Tyent Water Ionizers, catch Part 7 of this series.)

It’s always reassuring to hear what the medical industry has to say about the benefits of alkaline water.  Doctors and medical experts are on the front line when it comes to health issues, and we truly value their endorsement 

  1. How to Choose the Best Water Ionizer

For most people, buying an ionizer is a major purchase.  You’ve done the research, you know you want to bring alkaline water into your family life, but which one?  Check our tips on purchasing an ionizer and buy once, buy right.  

  1. Does Alkaline Water Freshness Matter?

As with so many other things, fresh is best.  Alkaline water is most beneficial when enjoyed just after drawing from the tap.  Hydrogen starts to dissipate gradually after a short period of time, so for all of those incredible hydrogen benefits, make sure your alkaline water is as fresh as possible!  

  1. Tyent Hydrogen Water Has the Most Benefits…

…Because to match the huge number of potential health gains alkaline water offers, we have the best design team and engineers constantly working to ensure Tyent ionizers outperform the competition at every crucial stage.  From weight loss and immune support, to better skin and increased energy levels, Tyent ionizers deliver the very best alkaline water there is, every time you use it.


  1. Optimal pH Levels

Tyent ionizers come with fully adjustable pH levels so that you’re in control of what you drink or use.  From using more acidic water as a skin toner to drinking the perfectly pH balanced glass of cool, clean alkaline water, your Tyent ionizer delivers what you need.

Part 2: Comparing Tyent to Enagic and Machine Component Breakdown

  1. How Do Tyent Water Ionizers Compare to Enagic Water Ionziers?

To quote Tyent fan Roger Daltrey – Who’s better?  Who’s best? In this video we take a comprehensive look at how Tyent and Enagic ionizers compare.  Don’t miss this if you want to purchase the very best ionizer on the market today.

  1. Tyent Water Ionizers Do Not Add Chemicals

We don’t use the words “pure” and “clean” lightly.  To many people, clean doesn’t just mean “no contaminants,” it means “chemical free.”  Unlike, for example, Enagic machines, our ionizers are 100% chemical-free.  With Tyent, clean really does mean clean.

  1. Tyent Water Ionizers Have Advanced Technology

At Tyent we have the very best design team and engineers for whom excellence is standard.  For the water in your glass to be the best, the technology behind it has to be best.  We’re really proud of our team, and the hard work that goes into ensuring that we lead the field when it comes to advanced technology.

  1. How Good are Tyent’s Water Ionizer Plates?

We love talking about our plates. Why?  Because they are, very simply, the best in the world.  The plates are such a vital component of Tyent Ionizers, our engineers went back to the drawing board to ensure that the plate performance exceeds anything else on the market today.

  1. What Type of Warranty and Trial Period Does Tyent Offer?

How long do companies usually let you try something out for?  7 days?  28 days if they’re generous?  How about 75 days?  That’s right.  Tyent ionizers can be tried out in your home for a full 75 days, risk free.  Even better, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our ionizers.  No small print.  No hassle. The terms we offer are as unbeatable as our ionizers.  You really can’t go wrong with Tyent.

  1. What Type of Water Ionizer Certifications Does Tyent Have?

In short, the best the industry can offer.  Certification is something we take very seriously as it’s proof-positive that Tyent and our products inspire confidence in both our customers, and in the industry.

  1. What -ORP Levels Does Tyent Water Ionizers Produce?

Alkaline ionized water has a negative charge called oxidation reduction potential, also known as -ORP.  The ORP properties of ionized water are commonly referred to as antioxidants.

Tyent Ionizers produce -ORP levels up to -800, depending on your source water.

  1. How Many Amps of Power Does a Tyent Water Ionizer Have?

Tyent ionizers have 8 to 10 amps of power, which means that you can customize your water to your exact liking.  More power in an ionizer means that you have better control and performance without the use of chemicals.

  1. How Does a Tyent Water Ionizer Cell Compare to the Other Water Cells in the Water Ionizer Industry?

Tyent Water ionizer cells are larger and more durable than our nearest competitor’s, and our plates are solid/mesh hybrid for a lifetime of consistently excellent and reliable performance.

  1. Dealers Who Sell Tyent Water Ionizers are Successful Because They Get the Best Tools and Training– Dare to Compare

There is a mutual faith between Tyent and our dealers. We know our dealers are the best, because they’ve had dedicated, comprehensive training and the best tools to support it.  Likewise, our dealers have absolute faith in Tyent and our products.  It’s a great partnership and one that works.

Read about the vast beauty benefits in Part 3!

101 Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers Parts 1 and 2: Health Benefits and More
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