Your New Year Fitness Plan Starts Here!

Let’s start by saying that if you already pull on your running shoes as soon as the alarm goes off, or if you cycle to your Bodypump class three times a week, you can safely skip this blog and go and enjoy a chilled glass of Tyent water and pat yourself on the back!

We’ve all got to start somewhere.

However, if, like many of us, your sports gear has gathered a little dust lately, and your gym subscription is starting to feel more like a charitable donation you make every month, then maybe you could use a little motivation to improve your fitness levels in 2018!

  • Take One Day At a Time.  

It’s great to have long and medium term goals, but don’t dismiss the value of having short term ones as well.  Instead of thinking how lean and toned you’ll look by the summer, think about how you’ll feel at the end of today.  If you eat well, drink plenty of Tyent water and take that exercise class, then today you’ll feel great.  And that will give you the motivation you need for tomorrow!

  • Drink Tyent Water

Apart from staying properly hydrated, which is vital when you’re exercising, drinking hydrogen water is celebrated by fitness gurus and sports stars for it’s power to increase energy levels.  More energy means more motivation to get moving!  

  • Do Something You Love!

Hate being inside a gym?  Get out and run or hike in the fresh air!  Find solitary sports too dull?  Join a team or class!  In most towns and cities, you can find karate, street dance, Zumba, Roller Derby, athletics, boxing and countless other activities going on.  Try something new – you might amaze yourself by excelling at archery or golf!  

Can You Feel It?

We really hope that we’ve helped to make you feel more motivated.   Remember that a lot of people are in the same boat at this time of year, so you’ll find kindred spirits ready to make the journey with you!

What Motivates You?

Pour yourself a glass of energizing Tyent Water and take a moment to share with us what motivates you to get moving.  

Is it the rush of endorphins?  The goal of how you’ll look or feel a year from now?  Maybe it’s down to just feeling healthier and stronger.  We love to hear from you, so please share!

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