Don’t Start Your New Year Detox Until You Read This!

It’s here…that time of year when we look to our less healthy habits and try to quit them, or at least improve them where possible!

Eating whole, fresh foods is a great way to detox.
Let’s Get This Detox Started!

One popular way of kick-starting a new, healthy approach is by detoxing. For some, detoxing is giving up one or two things – alcohol for example – and for others, it’s about cleansing your system and heading into the New Year feeling refreshed and healthier.

Extreme Clean?

While a few people favor an extreme approach to detoxing, for most of us, that’s not practical or desirable.   Much more realistic is our simple, 3-point version that will enable you to carry on with your life while taking care of your health at the same time!

  • Eat Clean.  Really Clean.  This one is so easy, and yet you’ll reap the benefits straight away.  Simply eat whole, natural foods as much as possible.  Ditch as many packaged and processed foods as you reasonably can and find some easy, delicious wholefood recipes to replace them.
  • Drink Lots of Tyent Water.   Your liver – the powerhouse of your body – takes a big hit over Christmas.  The onslaught of rich food, alcohol and candy heavily tax your liver, and by the New Year, it needs a break!  Drinking plenty of antioxidant-rich hydrogen water helps to flush away toxins that have accumulated over time.   Squeezing a little fresh lemon juice into your water will benefit your liver as well.  
  • Retrain Your Sweet Tooth!  If you love sugary treats or soda, then aim to cut down or cut out both for a couple of weeks in order to “reset” your desire for a sugary rush.  Soda is bad news for your body, arguably more so when it’s the “sugar-free” version, and reducing your sugar intake is a positive step for your long-term health.  

Your Detox Tips!

Are you trying out a New Year detox to kickstart 2018?  Do you have any of your own awesome detox tips to share?   We’d love to hear them!  

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    1. Hi, Mikaela. That’s correct! Be sure to consume the correct daily intake of Tyent’s alkaline water to give your body the hydration, energy, and nutrients it needs.

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