Alkaline Water? This Cancer Surviving Tripod Rescue Bulldog Loves It!

By anyone’s standards, French bulldog Bethanee Hamilton is a survivor. Abandoned on a roadside by a heartless previous owner, Bethanee (then called Princess) was sent to a local dog shelter. During routine surgery, she suddenly flatlined, before thankfully regaining consciousness.

There followed a turning point in Beth’s troubled life – an intervention by the Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue (PNWBR), a bighearted organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of English and French bulldogs in need of a secure and loving place to live.


Cancer Surviving Tripod Rescue Bulldog Loves Alkaline Water


Sad News and Silver Linings

During Beth’s PNWBR checkup, an ominous swelling on her rear left paw was identified. Further investigations led to a diagnosis of a mast cell tumor (mastocytoma) in the connective tissue of Beth’s leg. The only solution was to remove the limb.

Life wasn’t all gloomy for Beth though. By this point, she had been adopted by Lindsay, a freelance interior designer with the flexibility to shape her life around Beth’s needs and provide all the love and support that she would need.

PardonThyFrench is Born!

Lindsay started an Instagram account in order to share the diary of Beth’s recovery and progress. Lindsay’s updates and heart-melting photos of brave Beth soon garnered plenty of attention and PardonThyFrench now has over 180k followers.

Beth’s fame – she has appeared on Good Morning America, among other media engagements – has been put to good use: highlighting awareness around pet adoption and adopting pets with additional needs.

Why Beth Loves Tyent Water!

Pretty much everyone who meets Beth – or visits her social media pages – falls in love with her personality that shines out in every photo along with that sweet face! Beth’s life, and her road to recovery from cancer have been lovingly documented by Lindsay, and we’re thrilled that Tyent Water Ionizers get a mention too!


“From immune support to increased energy levels, there are tons of health benefits from Tyent Water Ionizers (@tyentusa) for both pets AND people.”

Lindsay, PardonThyFrench


Cancer-Free for Four Years

The best news? Beth is now coming up to 5 years of being free from cancer. She has a secure, loving home and a fabulous life. Lindsay says that Beth’s ‘glow’ is down to drinking Tyent Alkaline Water, and who are we to argue with that?

Whether Beth is skateboarding, modeling her fabulous wardrobe, or welcoming a new arrival, she is the cutest and we love her!

Alkaline Water for Your Beloved Pets

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