13 Reasons to Love Tyent’s New UCE-13 PLUS Luxury Edition

There are 13 good reasons why the brand new Tyent UCE-13 PLUS is considered our Luxury Edition water ionizer. Find out what they are right here!

  • Beautiful Professional Grade Stainless Steel available in two colors!
  • Easy to install filters
  • Super stylish looks
  • Advanced Dual Dialipure® Ultra Filtration
  • Alkaline and acidic water pre-sets
  • 13 powerful plates
  • Customizable design with Night-Mode display
  • Eco Mode
  • Turbo mode
  • Custom automatic self-cleaning
  • Industry’s first auto-fill quantity selector
  • XTREME Molecular Hydrogen Boost
  • Volume control, language settings…and lots more!


13 Reasons to Love the New UCE-13 PLUS Luxury Showroom Collection


1. We’re always looking for ways to improve. The UCE 13 PLUS is made with Professional-Grade Stainless Steel. It’s the only water ionizer in the world available in these two gorgeous colors: Satin Stainless and Antique finishes!


2. Changing your old filters for new ones is a breeze. The UCE-13 PLUS has a front-loading, easy filter replacement system that everyone can manage with ease.


3. The way that an appliance looks in your kitchen matters. Every Tyent water ionizer comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so let’s face it – you’ll be looking at your UCE-13 PLUS for a long time! Perfect for smaller kitchens or minimalists, this under-counter model packs everything you need. Our designers and engineers combine the most advanced technology in the industry with incredibly stylish looks, so that your machine always looks fabulous while delivering exceptional results.


4. No water ionizer beats the UCE-13 PLUS for filtration power. The UCE-13 PLUS Luxury Edition contains a sophisticated membrane multi-layer and advanced Dual Dialipure® Ultra Filtration system. Inside the machine, TM-Ceramic and Carbon Block Filtration with a micron level/filtration capacity of with .01 micron filtration capacity (same filtration found in kidney dialysis machines— removes over 200 contaminants including lead and chlorine) while leaving essential minerals in the water intact and bioavailable.


5. The UCE-13 PLUS offers 3 alkaline and 3 acidic pre-set functions, a pH range of 1.7 – 12.


6. An interesting clue about what the UCE-13 PLUS’ power is in its name. This amazing machine contains 13 of the largest, strongest Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates in the industry. Each one is constructed from titanium and dipped multiple times in pure platinum for ultra-powerful ionization and performance, capable of producing up to -1150 ORP.


7. The UCE-13 PLUS features a vivid color, LCD smartphone-style touchscreen where you can choose between Full-Color or Night-Mode displays. Operation is slick and simple – no clunky, outdated plastic buttons here!


8. We never forget our green responsibilities – the UCE-13 PLUS Luxury Edition features an Eco-Mode Cycle to conserve power.


9. The amazing UCE-13 PLUS supports natural cleaning for your home with its Turbo Mode setting. You’ll be able to replace some of those products lurking in the cleaning cupboard, and tone your skin along with lots more life-hack functions!


10. Here’s some more excellent news: the UCE-13 PLUS has a customizable automatic cleaning function that can be adjusted for perfect results, based on your water usage and source water. It’s even possible to program your water ionizer to clean automatically every day at a preset time.


11. Ever used an auto-fill quantity selector before? You can with a UCE-13 PLUS! Program the size of your favorite glass or water jug and wait for it to be filled to your precise measurement then automatically stop once it reaches the programmed level. No waste, ultimate convenience!


12. This Luxury edition water ionizer features state-of-the-art enhancements – including Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost technology – to optimize molecular hydrogen (H2) production at the same relative pH levels.


13. At this point, it’s obvious that there are LOTS more than just 13 reasons to love the UCE-13 PLUS! Maybe we need a sequel to this blog: 13 MORE Reasons to Love the UCE-13 PLUS Luxury Edition! Then we can include volume control, multiple language settings, smart self-diagnosis and the many other features that we know you’ll love!


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