Plastic Bottle Greenhouses: An Eco-Friendly Solution?

We shared the story about the Ecobricks initiative recently, and we’re excited to talk about another awesome way of using some of the millions of plastic bottles that otherwise would be headed to landfill: plastic bottle greenhouses.

This is such a fantastic idea and a great time of year to be trying it out!  If you have any plants that you need to water over winter when the weather gets cooler, or like to start off seedlings nice and early, you can nurture your tender plants in an Earth-friendly way!

What is a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse?
How Can I Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse?
Do Plastic Bottle Greenhouses Really Work?
Why are Plastic Bottle Greenhouses Good for the Planet?
Can a Water Ionizer Be Eco-Friendly?
plastic bottle greenhouses
Not just waste…plastic bottles can be used as building materials for a greenhouse!

What is a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse?

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a greenhouse built almost entirely out of plastic bottles.

If building your very own plastic bottle greenhouse sounds like a ton of fun – you’ll need a LOT of plastic bottles, so this makes for an excellent school or community project!

You’ll need a few other items and some everyday tools, but the main component is lots and lots of plastic bottles!

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How Can I Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse?

There are many building ideas available on the internet, so you’ll need to pick one that works for the space you have available and the type of build that you want to attempt, but the basic idea doesn’t vary too much.

Plastic bottles are threaded onto canes or narrow strips of wood and secured into a frame to create panels with which the greenhouse is constructed.

Do Plastic Bottle Greenhouses Really Work?

They sure do!

The temperature inside a plastic bottle greenhouse will usually be around 10 degrees higher than outside, which makes a big difference to how plants thrive.

Rainwater can penetrate the roof as well, which means that plants get a watering whenever it rains – great for busy gardeners!

Why are Plastic Bottle Greenhouses Good for the Planet?


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A decent-sized plastic bottle greenhouse can make use of over 1000 plastic bottles.

That’s a lot of plastic that isn’t in landfill (only a small proportion of plastic bottles are currently recycled).

There’s also the plant-factor.

More plants growing means more flowers, and that means a friendlier environment for our precious bees!

Can a Water Ionizer Be Eco-Friendly?

water ionizer

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Will You Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse? What do you think? Will you round up friends and family to build your very own eco-greenhouse?  

If you do, send us your photos and we’ll feature them to celebrate your amazing achievement! 

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2 thoughts on “Plastic Bottle Greenhouses: An Eco-Friendly Solution?

  1. What a good idea for folks with lots of plastic waste. But I just wanna ask if this means that you’re promoting the use of plastic bottles?

    1. Hi, Orlando. We’re glad you find this article useful!

      Also, we want to clarify that we don’t encourage anyone to use plastic bottles. In fact, we shared this post to help people cut down on their plastic waste and to urge them to switch to more eco-friendly drinking water options. We often emphasize that the plastic packaging of bottled water isn’t good for the environment. According to the Medical News Today article, in 2016, the manufacturing process in the US alone used 4 billion pounds of plastic. Since the majority of bottled waters are not recycled, continuing to purchase multiple bottles a year just adds to the huge amounts of waste we already produce in the US alone.

      On the other hand, Tyent’s hydrogen-rich alkaline water is filled with essential minerals and antioxidants (like molecular hydrogen, the smallest and most powerful antioxidant on the planet). Plus, since our water ionizers are connected to your tap water system at home, you don’t need to put our water in non-eco-friendly plastic bottles just to drink it.

      If you want to learn more about our alkaline water and water ionizers, give us a call at 855-893-6887. Our water ionizer experts will be happy to discuss this with you.

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