The Hydrogen Water Way To Lose Weight!

Here’s some exciting news for 2016…a recent study has found that one long term effect of drinking hydrogen water is controlled body fat and overall weight, even if no exercise or diet is undertaken.

"This ‘science bit’ is fascinating!"
“This ‘science bit’ is fascinating!”

Examining how drinking H(2) water improves metabolic limits and constraints at a molecular level gives encouraging results for research into improving conditions such as diabetes and obesity, as well as giving real food for thought when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Hydrogen water before meals!

Away from the labs, there are easy ways to maximize your weight loss efforts with alkaline water.

Very simply, drinking a long, cool glass of Tyent ionized alkaline water before a meal will help you to feel fuller. If you feel fuller, then you eat fewer calories, and of course consuming fewer calories translates to losing weight.

Your Liver Loves H(2)

Not only that, but the extra purity of alkaline water means that your liver, perhaps already in need of a break from working a little harder than usual over Christmas and New Year, gets to have a much-needed rest from toxin removal. Therefore, instead of overtaxing your liver with getting rid of those unwanted toxins, it can work on its vital function of metabolizing fat.

What Does It Mean For The Future?

Going back to that study, the conclusions are exciting and potentially far-reaching. The research scientists ended their study with this:

“The present results suggest the potential benefit of H(2) in improving obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.”

~Kamimura N, Nishimaki K, Ohsawa I, Ohta S.

Open any magazine (particularly at this time of year!) and you will be overwhelmed with increasingly faddish diets and weight-loss ‘fixes.’ Putting that aside and learning about what makes your body function properly and efficiently is vital to long-term health.

Winter running exercise couple

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2 thoughts on “The Hydrogen Water Way To Lose Weight!

  1. Using hydrogen water tablets, I am losing weight every day. It’s like a new life. It cuts my appetite so much, my calories are cut almost in half, and it is taking a while for my energy to adjust to that.

    1. Hi Vanayssa,
      We’re so happy to hear that the Tyent Hydrogen tablets are working so well for you. Thanks for letting us know.

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