The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever!

The day of love is almost upon us.  Whether you think it’s a cynical ploy to extract whatever disposable income you have left after the Christmas frenzy or the most romantic thing since Romeo scaled a balcony to compare Juliet’s beauty to the sun; you’ll be hard pushed to avoid it.

Give your Valentine the best gift EVER this year.
Go Hearts or Go Home

Manufacturers and stores seemed locked in an unspoken battle to make as many things as possible heart-shaped.  If you’re marking the day of romance at home, why not pick up a pair of heart-shaped tuna steaks?  They’ll go pretty well with the heart shaped fondant potatoes and heart-shaped chocolate mousse.  The message?  Go hearts or go home.

We love Love as much as the next person but does anyone really need another teddy bear clutching a single red rose and declaring it’s devotion for another 12 months?

True Love Forever – Guaranteed

This Valentine’s Day, how about treating the person you love most in the world, to the gift they’d love the most?  Giving your beloved a Tyent Water Ionizer is a present that will keep on giving for the rest of their life.  And that’s not just words on a card.  All of our ionizers come with a “Forever” Lifetime Guarantee.  

Now that’s love you can count on.  

Water Ionizer Benefits You’ll Love

A water ionizer means that your love can enjoy antioxidant-rich hydrogen water, replete with essential minerals at the push of a button. They will  discover dozens of incredible benefits, including:

You don’t get all that from a box of candy.  In fact, you’d probably get the opposite!


Get in Touch (With Your Feelings, and With Us)

Owning a Tyent water ionizer doesn’t have to break the bank either.  We know that balancing the family budget is vital.  To help, we offer affordable and attractive payment terms so that expressing your love doesn’t heart break the bank!

Our customer care team are standing by to help you choose the perfect water ionizer for your beloved.  Why not give them a call today at and let them help the path of true love to run smoothly!  

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