3 Mistakes New Alkaline Water Drinkers Make!

So – you’ve made the commitment to drink alkaline water?  Congratulations: you’ve made an awesome decision!

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Congratulations on deciding to drink alkaline water for better health!

Now we know that you’re keen to start experiencing all of those incredible alkaline water benefits, but can we check that you’re not in danger of making three common mistakes that new alkaline water drinkers may be prone to make?

Mistake #1: Bottling Out of the Real Thing?

Bottled alkaline water is expensive – but what about all that plastic?

We all need to cut down on using disposable plastics, so it makes sense to start by refraining from buying these plastic water bottles.

One of the big health benefits of alkaline water is the antioxidant action, right? Here’s the thing – bottled alkaline water only has minimal antioxidant potential.

If you want truly powerful antioxidants, then you need ionized hydrogen-rich alkaline water straight from a water ionizer.

Mistake #2: Don’t Fall Prey to Pyramid Salesmen!

You should buy one of these machines from the water ionizer company itself – instead of paying over the odds for a machine that keeps several layers of interested parties in commission! If multi-level marketing is involved, then whatever you are told by the company, you’ll be paying an inflated price, for sure.

Buy directly from Tyent and you’ll get our lowest prices, guaranteed.

Mistake #3: Start Slowly and Get to Know Your Water Ionizer!

We know, we know…you’ve been so excited to own your water ionizer machine to see and feel all those awesome health benefits!

But start off slowly – your body will begin to gently detoxify when you start to drink Tyent Water.

Day 1  Start with Alkaline Level 1.  Starting out slowly is essential because water at higher pH levels is very healthy and cleansing, and your body needs time to adjust.

Weeks 1 to 4 (until the last day of week 4)  Remain at level 1.

Weeks 5 to 8 (until the last day of week 8)  Change to level 2.  Remain at level 2 until the last day of week 8.

Weeks 9 and ongoing  Advance to level 3 and remain at this level indefinitely;  this will help keep your body’s pH alkaline and help keep your body functioning at an optimal pH level.

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Tyent water ionizers are the gift that keeps on giving!


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In life, we all make mistakes from time to time. With Tyent, buying a water ionizer will never be a mistake!

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