2 Things I Hate About My Water Ionizer

Love isn’t – despite hundreds of songs and films suggesting otherwise – unconditional.  The flip side of real-life love is hate, a strong word, but who hasn’t been tempted to use it every now and again?  You can love someone, but still hate the fact that they stack the dishes in the sink instead of straight into the dishwasher.  You can adore your soulmate beyond reason, but still hate their “signature” risotto.

Love you, hate this.

So yes, love and hate can co-exist in an everyday way, without drama.  And it’s against this backdrop that I can breathe a sigh of relief and finally get it out there.

There are 2 things that I (used to) hate about my water ionizer.

  1. My Water Ionizer Has an Acidic Water Dispenser Spout

I can’t believe I hated this, but I did.   I found the bottom spout that dispensed excess acidic water annoying.  Why did I need it?  I didn’t.  I just wanted the delicious hydrogen-rich, ionized water.

Then I found out a little more about acidic water.  In it’s own way, it’s just as amazing as the alkaline hydrogen water that we love to drink.  I now use it to clean my work counters and give a sparkle to mirrors and tiles.  I even use it as a toner on my skin before applying moisturizer.

It literally has dozens of daily uses that I now can’t imagine managing without.

  1. My Water Ionizer Takes up Counter Space

I know.  First world problem, but I hated the fact that I had to sacrifice counter space to fit my water ionizer in.  To be fair, my beloved ACE-11 looked great.  It’s really narrow with a tiny counter-top footprint compared with other brands.  That means it can be pushed way back, leaving plenty of counter space.

But, my kitchen is at the smaller end of “compact and bijou.” I had to make a straight choice between my breadmaker and water ionizer and I decided that it was pretty easy to buy bread…

Then I realized that I didn’t have to compromise.  I called Tyent on and spoke with one of the brilliant customer care team about their trade-in program.  Shortly afterwards, I was the proud owner of the amazingly sleek UCE, that takes up no counter space at all!  So many of my friends have commented on how great it looks.  It’s perfect for smaller kitchens and lovers of clutter-free surfaces alike!

True Love Forever…

And the UCE?  I’ve tried to find something new to hate, for old times’ sake, but really?  It’s perfect.   There’s nothing I hate about this beauty at all.  Call now to find out how much you’ll fall in love with a brand new Tyent water ionizer!


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