Water Filtration: The Best Way to Get Clean Water

We all need to drink plenty of clean water every day, but right now, we can’t move for stories in the press about water contamination – and things are getting worse. How can we safely filter water at home to drink?


Water Filtration - The Best Way to Get Clean Water


What is Water Filtration?

Why Do I Need to Filter Tap Water?

What Ways Can I Filter Water at Home?

Do Water Ionizers Filter Water?

Is it Easy to Fit a Water Ionizer at Home?

What is Water Filtration?

Filtration is when we try to remove as many contaminants, toxins and residues from our source water as possible.

Why Do I Need to Filter Tap Water?

Our water is different from the water that our grandparents and great-grandparents drank. The pipelines that carry our water are aging, cracked and allow contaminants to pass into the water supply.

Populations are ever-growing. New chemicals and compound toxins are present in our municipal water that no-one had heard of 50 years ago. Drug residues, medication, antibiotics, pesticides…they’re all right there, when you turn on the tap.

What Ways Can I Filter Water at Home?

You can use a filter jug, but although filtering your water in a pitcher is definitely better than nothing, they are very limited in how many contaminants they can remove.

Some people try using a Reverse Osmosis machine to remove toxins. An RO machine will do that, but also completely strips the water of essential minerals that our bodies need to thrive.

While a Reverse Osmosis unit can be helpful in the short-term, it should not be used as a long-term solution for drinking water, given the risk of depleting our vital mineral supplies.


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Do Water Ionizers Filter Water?

Many water ionizer machines also filter out contaminants, although they vary dramatically in terms of how well they perform this vital function.

Tyent Water Ionizers contain some of the most advanced ionizer filtration technology in the world. No matter what your source water contains, there is a Tyent Water Ionizer filter for you! For example, our Chromium-6/4 Stage filtration system removes:

  • Heavy metals, including nickel and mercury, and up to 99% of lead
  • 99% of Chromium-6
  • 90-95% of fluoride

The majority of water ionizers cannot compete with Tyent’s exceptional filtration capabilities, so choose your water ionizer with care.

Is it Easy to Fit a Water Ionizer at Home?

It’s definitely easy to install a water ionizer at home! Our customer care experts can advise you every step of the way and get you drinking the best-tasting water you’ve ever tried in no time at all!

And the most awesome thing? It’s completely safe for you and your family to drink.

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Want to learn more? Call our friendly team at and start quenching your thirst with the cleanest, safest, most delicious water possible, straight from your very own water ionizer!

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