Alkaline Water Ionizer Uses!

So, did you make any New Year resolutions?  If you did, then the chances are that they were connected to health and well being, weight management or fitness and energy levels.  We’re not psychic; it’s just that you’re in good company, as nearly 38% of people make resolutions to create improvements in these areas of their lives.

Wow!  I didn’t realize alkaline water did all this!
Wow!  I didn’t realize alkaline water did all this!

Out of these popular resolutions, guess how many of them can become more achievable by drinking Tyent alkaline water?  Yep, all of them!  Let’s take a look at just a few of the amazing uses that alkaline water has.

  1. Lose Weight with Tyent Water!

Drinking alkaline water can help with weight management, and shifting those stubborn post-Christmas pounds.  Unlike diet or even regular sugar-laden soda, there’s nothing nasty or unhealthy lurking in Tyent ionized water!

  1. Radiant Skin

If your skin’s looking dull and needs a bit of help getting it’s glow back, then reach for a glass of Tyent alkaline water.  The antioxidants help to flush away toxins, fight aging free radicals and get your natural radiance back!  You can also use turbo water as a natural toner for your skin to leave it soft and refreshed.

  1. Boost Your Immune System!

January is a classic time to pick up minor sniffles and illnesses.  Avoid being laid up by drinking several glasses of antioxidant and hydrogen-rich alkaline water daily to give yourself every chance of fighting off any germs that come your way!

  1. Polish Your Halo!

Literally and metaphorically, that is!  Not only does the turbo acidic water from your Tyent ionizer replace a number of everyday cleaning products around the home, you also get the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re not adding more plastic bottles to our oceans or landfill sites.

  1. Save Money and Veg Out!

If you want to save money, then skip buying organic produce and simply rinse all of the unwanted herbicides and pesticides off your fruit and vegetables using Tyent turbo water.  This amazing video shows you exactly how much of the residue gets left behind by washing them with regular water!

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…And There’s More…

There are lots more benefits and uses for alkaline water, and it’s even better when it’s available at the push of a button with your Tyent ionizer.  Why not give us a call at to chat about which of our ionizers will suit your home and lifestyle the best?

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