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water streaming    The more I read about water, the more fascinated I become.  Water not only covers two thirds of our planet, but also makes up a large percentage of plant and animal life, including us humans.

Plants are composed of 90 to 95% water.  Humans average about 55 to 60% water.  Plants take in water through their roots and leaves, while humans and most other animals must drink it.  Plants do not have circulatory systems as animals do.  Our circulatory system carries the water we ingest to the small intestine whereby it enters the bloodstream (through osmosis) which circulates it throughout the body and into the cell walls.

In order for plants to release water, they have tiny holes called stomata that allow excess moisture to escape through a process known as transpiration.  We humans release water through breathing, urination, and perspiration.

How Much Water Do Animals Need to Drink?


Dog drinking    A general question I must admit, however, an interesting one.  Just how much water depends on a few variables.


• What type of animal are you?

• Are you active or docile?

• Are you large or small?

• Is your climate arid or wet?


Like humans, animals require water to stay alive and just how much they need depends on their size and environment.


Camel    A camel for example, in the Sahara Desert in wintertime can actually go for months without drinking any water.  Much of the moisture they get comes from the plants they eat during that period.  When the temperature gets up over 110 degrees Fahrenheit however, a camel can only last five days to a week without having to drink. Personally, I don’t trust camels…or anyone else that can go for a week without a drink. Kidding.



Whales    Now, a whale you might think, drinks thousands of gallons at a time but that is not the case.  Whales live in salt water, which they can drink because whales have special kidneys to deal with the ingested salt, but mostly get their water from the food they eat such as fish and tons of krill.

Did you know?  A Blue Whale can expand its throat and take in an amazing 50 tons of water in one gulp? Gulp!

Is there an animal that doesn’t drink water?

There is in fact.  This animal doesn’t drink any water at all.  Its name even says so…once you interpret it. Do you know what it is?  It is the Koala Bear of Australia.  Its Aborigine name means no drink, or no water, because it gets all the moisture it needs from its only food, the leaves of the eucalyptus tree.
How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?


silhouettes-woman-man drinking water    Well, that would depend on a few factors as well.  However, here is a hydration equation you can use to get a general idea.  Take your body weight in pounds and divide that number in half.  That number of pounds has now become ounces and that is how much water you should drink in a day.  For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, divide that number in two, that is 75, so you would need to drink 75 ounces of water per day to achieve the optimum benefits.  If you’re very active, you may need more.

So realizing that our very existence depends on the water we drink, we should make every effort to drink the best water we can and that’s where Tyent USA comes in.

Tyent ionized alkaline water is pure, mineral rich, chemical free and with a pH level above seven, creates an alkaline environment that stifles the formation of free radicals, and attacks the ones already running around.

We must drink water, so drink the best, drink Tyent Water from Tyent USA.

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  1. I’m reaaally into science, so reading this made me happy!! I like learning about animals, even ourselves.

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