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An old expression says, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it”. Therefore, I have no problem bragging a little about Tyent USA and the impressive list of achievements and awards they have received as a leader in the ionized water industry. Because when it comes to offering you the very best ionized alkaline water systems available today, Tyent USA does it!


The recipient of the Editors Choice Award for 2014 is Tyent’s 11 Plate Residential Water Ionizer, the first machine of its kind in the industry, setting a new standard of excellence for in-home alkaline water systems.

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The Award Winning Tyent 11 Series Water Ionizer
The Editor’s Choice Award

I was quite impressed by the fact the Tyent 11 Plate Ionizer was deemed the winner of the Editors Choice Award for 2014…but with such stiff competition, I wanted to know what criteria was used to decide which water ionizer was the best in the business. Here is what I learned.

The award was earned…not given. The editors took a laundry list of factors into consideration before announcing their 2014 winner. Listed below are the top five reasons that led to their decision to choose the redesigned Tyent 11 Plate Ionizer as the clear-cut winner.

 Tyent machines consistently showed 20% higher pH levels
 20% stronger ORP levels
 A 40% increased flow rate
 Electrolysis chamber redesign
 Increased power

Additionally, Tyent machines had 40% less wasted water.


BBB 2Water Ionizers and Tyent…Taking Care of Business

Some companies might be content with just making an incredible product that their customers simply love, but not Tyent USA. They have worked tirelessly to earn and maintain their stellar reputation in the business world as attested to by their consistent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

10044298_l     Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

While it was great to learn of the awards, the BBB rating and the unprecedented improvements made in the design of the alkaline water producing machines from Tyent, I wanted to know what some actual users had to say from their personal experience from drinking Tyent Water.

The following people’s testimonials represent but a few of the many now happier and healthier Tyent customers.


Carl Mayweather

Carl Mayweather

My wife has been having high blood pressure and since she’s been drinking the water her pressure has improved.”



                Chuck and Karen Homer

“Because of Tyent Water, at 71 years of age, I believe my health is far superior to most of my co-workers.”


                    Bradford Hall

I have received great benefits in terms of my overall health, mental acuity, and skin appearance.”


                      Rick L. Brewer 

“My wife no longer gets migraine headaches!”


With so many glowing accolades from everyday people just like you and me, small wonder that Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water Systems consistently rank as one of the best machines, on numerous levels, available in the world today.

Therefore, if you are considering investing in an ionized alkaline water system for your home or office, please take a moment to read what others have to say about this incredible machine and the pure, healthy water it produces, by following this link.



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