Lose Weight With Ionized Alkaline Water


                                   Alkaline Water & Weight Loss

                          Can one actually lose weight by drinking water?

 12396973_m     Shockingly Yes!    5438773_m  


Yes, you can lose weight by drinking water but you need to make sure it is the right water.  Tyent alkaline water systems produce some of the cleanest, healthiest water you can drink and can help you in shedding some of those unwanted pounds.  In addition to the many natural benefits attained from drinking ionized alkaline water, weight loss is almost a pleasant side effect.

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Five facts about acidity, your body and Alkaline Water

• Fat is a natural defense that stores acid thus keeping it from vital organs

• Alkaline water helps to flush fat cells, reducing the acidity from your body

• Fewer fat cells means less weight

• Physicians theorize that all disease has its basis in an acidic environment

• Alkaline water restores your natural pH levels that inhibit free radicals


An Alkaline Water Diet

All the rage these days is the alkaline diet, which essentially has you avoiding foods that are high acid producers like animal protein (cheese and meat) and has you eating foods that have a lower acidic value such as fruits and vegetables as well as drinking alkaline water.  According to the Web MD site, there is evidence that a diet with a high intake of such low acid producing foods can help prevent kidney stones, improve the health of your heart and brain function, and keep your bones and muscles strong.

In combination, these foods and the addition of alkaline water to your diet, has proven to be effective in fighting disease and in the aid of weight loss.  Additionally, promoters of the alkaline diet say you should avoid caffeine and alcohol.


Antioxidant Rich Water

Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water is rich with antioxidants which not only stop the oxygen molecules known as free radicals from forming; it attacks and destroys the ones that cause so much damage to your cells.




Heavy Metal

When you begin to hear talk about alkaline water being healthy for you, listen up.  Alkaline water has so many benefits that scientists are discovering new ones on a near daily basis.  Here is one I was not aware of until I started looking a little deeper into the studies.  

One study in particular noticed that subjects given alkaline water as their only drink found that heavy metals found in the patient’s urine increased for the first few days.  After the initial boost, the metals decreased, leading doctors to determine that the alkaline water was actually drawing the metals out of the body’s tissues and flushing them away.


In the final analysis, I would say there is substantial evidence supporting people’s claims of better health, an overall feeling of wellness, more energy, and a noticeable loss in weight, all attributed to the Alkaline Diet.

Moreover, if what you have been doing to lose weight isn’t working out for you as well as you had hoped, maybe it’s time you looked into alkaline water and see for yourself the amazing results that people are achieving every day.  

Please remember, no one creates better alkaline water than Tyent USA.    

If you would like to learn more about alkaline water and better health, please look around our web site…it just may enlighten you!  




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