Hydration Helps: How Better Hydration Can Improve Your Life

Water is fascinating. It’s the most important substance on the planet, as well as for our bodies. Without water, we wouldn’t exist, and neither would any of the living things around us.

Most adults understand that they shouldn’t go days (or even hours) without drinking any water, yet many adults are not sufficiently hydrated. Some adults are drinking too many sugary or alcoholic beverages, while others aren’t drinking at all because they’re too busy or forgetful.

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Whatever the case, drinking more water can drastically improve one’s health and quality of life. Check out a few of these simple ways that improved hydration can translate into improved health.

Stay awake! Being hydrated helps you stay awake. A dehydrated body is also a sleepy body. Instead of reaching for the ultra-grande-supreme coffee next time you’re dehydrated, drink a cool glass of water. The extra hydration will boost your energy levels quickly.

Stay thin! Proper hydration can help you lose weight. If you’re eating five highly caloric meals a day and drinking water while you’re at it, the proper hydration won’t do a great deal to help you lose weight. However, if you drink water instead of eating excess meals or snacks, you’ll feel more full and consume fewer calories.

Stay healthy! Drinking more water guards against potential health problems. Our bodies naturally become more dehydrated as we age, which means that we need to drink even more water to keep us hydrated and guard against health issues that are common among older adults. (Constipation and joint problems are included in this category.)

Stay focused! Better hydration leads to improved mental focus. Ever been so distracted by being thirsty that you could only think about that? Stay hydrated constantly to avoid distractions and concentration problems.

Stay competetive! If you’re a regular gym rat or runner, you ought to know how important your hydration levels are. Some marathon runners can lose pounds of water weight during a single run, so drink plenty of water to make sure you can compete at your highest level.

For on-the-go hydration, we recommend adding a GoodLife bottle to your gym bag, purse, or briefcase. These chemical-free, eco-friendly, and portable water bottles keep your water totally alkaline (which also helps to hydrate you more fully) on the go. If your water has been ionized and is alkaline, it’ll stay that way with a GoodLife bottle. They’ll also keep any liquid (whether it’s alkaline water or not) totally free of damaging chemicals in plastic water bottles that may leech into your liquids.

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    1. Hi, Nakoya. Glad you find this useful! For kids who like drinking juice, an alternative is to add fruits and veggies to their water so they could get the flavor and nutrients of their favorite drinks without the unnecessary calories and refined sugars.

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