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                                Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday! 


Weekend    At Tyent USA, we work hard during the week and do our best to ensure that our customers are not only well taken care of with the excellent customer service we provide them after the sale, but are happy with their product purchase. 


  logo  Tyent is a fun place to work and it is reassuring to know that our company offers a great product and genuinely cares about the people they serve.


So when Friday rolls up on the calendar, we look forward to taking a little time to catch our breath and relax (just a little) in anticipation of the weekend.


Let’s have a little fun with some odd facts about animals that you may or may not know…or care to.


 Alkaline Water and Antioxidants -  Strange But Probably True Animal Facts To Ponder


  • A blindfolded dolphin can find a nickel at the bottom of its tank (what about a dime?)


  • A group of frogs is called an Army (I wonder what an army of frogs is called?)


  • A group of Unicorns is called a Blessing (it would be a blessing to have just one)


  • A group of owls is called a Parliament


  • A group of Jack rabbits is called a Husk


  • A mole can dig a tunnel nearly 300 feet long in one night (unless I catch him doing it)


  • A band of crows is called a Murder of Crows (great movie by the way- Cuba Gooding)


  • A ducks’ quack won’t echo (yes it will, every sound will echo)


  • A snail can sleep for three years (I can relate)


  • There are 50 thousand muscles in an elephants trunk


  • If you put a Willow branch under a dog’s head and one under your pillow, you will have the same dream (that came from Barney on the Andy Griffith show but I don’t think it’s true)


  • Armadillos are the only animal besides man that can carry Leprosy (probably why you don’t see them in petting zoos)


  • Butterflies used to be called Flutterbys (makes more sense)


  • It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs (why would you want to do either?)


  • There were no ponies used in the Pony Express…just horses


  Baby with shades    Check out this cool video.  


This guy is really good at sleight of hand. 


That’s it.  Have a great weekend everybody and we’ll see you next week!  


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