Water-the good the bad and the ugly


                                                 The State of Water in the World


 Water Globe Drop    Clean water is headline news as of late.  When you look at the stories coming out of Ohio and their poisoned water supply, the West Virginia chemical spill, California drought and the banning of plastic water bottles in San Francisco, water is getting some big time press time.


Yet, what of the rest of the world?  What is the status of the water supply around the globe?  How are people affected by the lack of clean water or even the unavailability of water at all?


Let’s take a look.   


According to data collected by the US Census Bureau, in 2012, the population of the United States was 313.9 million people.  In Africa, there are 345 million people…lacking safe water, practically the entire continent.  Think that’s high?  Globally, 780 million people do not have access to clean water.  Twice the population of America.


Certainly numbers can be gathered and statistics compiled, but the degree of human suffering is almost immeasurable.


I get disturbed if a water main breaks and I am without water for a few hours.  I cannot imagine having no clean water…ever.


These statistics and others from around the world are heart rending.  Clean water is life-giving water.



What a difference Six Seconds make


 Six Seconds      Today, nearly every 21 seconds a child dies from a water related disease, most from diarrhea.  That equates to 171 children per hour.  Five years ago that figure was one child every 15 seconds and 240 deaths per hour.  That is one less death every 6 seconds. 


Amazingly, that seemingly modest but hopeful 6-second improvement saves 1,656 children every day.  Access to clean water is access to life.



Sludge Pipe  In developing nations the statistics are most grim.  Each year, 3.5 million people die from diseases alone that are carried in contaminated water.  Fecal matter in the water is the cause of most water-associated illnesses.  Unbelievably, diarrhea kills more children each year than AIDS, Malaria, and Measles…combined.


Fresh water accounts for only about 2 ½ % of the water on this planet and two thirds of that is in glaciers.  Clean water is becoming increasingly in demand and evermore scarce.  It doesn’t help that each year about 70 million more people are being born who will require water too.



Improve Sanitation and Improve Lives

It is proven that by merely washing the hands with soap and water can reduce diarrhea by a remarkable 40%.  What an incredible improvement that 40 % would make in the lives of those struggling with the lack of clean water.  In addition, by providing improved sanitation facilities, it is estimated cases could be reduced by a full third.


 It is undeniable, clean water is essential to not only survival but quality of life.


 Tyent USA and Clean Water


 logo    Fortunately, most people in this country have access to water.  How healthy that water is, is another story.  Be that as it may, merely having access puts us ahead of the 780 million fellow Earthlings who do not.


With an ionized alkaline water purifying system from Tyent USA, you can protect your health and confidently know you are drinking the purest, cleanest water available on this planet. 

 Look at the ROI (return on investment) a Tyent unit can offer.  Pure water, rich in minerals and antioxidants and as chemical free as any unit in the world can produce.

 Now what is that worth?

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