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Water man-with-huge-wrench    Water, the essential ingredient for life on planet Earth.  At its core, water is a molecule comprised of two atoms, one oxygen and two-hydrogen.  If you want to know what the structure looks like, imagine a Mickey Mouse face of three round circles with the hydrogen atoms being the ears.



Opposites Attract

With a positive charge at the top (the ears) and a negative charge at the bottom (the face) of the molecule, the law of attraction is in full sway.  It is miraculous what the bonding of those three atoms produces.  There is no other substance on earth that in its natural state is liquid (water), solid (ice), and a gas (vapor).


As adults, our bodies are around 60% water, with an approximate 5 to 10% differential between men and women.  When we were babies, we were 75 to 80% water.  Little water balloons.  So what happens when water meets water?  What does that water we drink do once inside our bodies?


The nutrients we take in are carried throughout the body through circulation (as water) and distributed where they are needed.  There are over 70 trillion cells in the human body and each cell is important to our overall well-being.  These cells act like micro-filters to capture the enzymes and minerals from the water that passes through them.  In fact, the cells cannot pass anything through them that is not water-soluble (dissolvable in water).  In order for the cells to extract the nutrients from the water, it may have to pass through over 100 cells to complete the filtering.


In an article I read at chemcraft.net, the author says, “Your body and the foods you eat are made up of atoms and molecules.  The body’s job is to transform those atoms and molecules in our food into the kinds of atoms and molecules that are found in our bodies.  This transformation occurs in the cells in our bodies”. 

Without water, this process would be impossible.


 Blueman Drink    Water is what makes us possible.  Sixty percent of our water content is contained in the cells. 

In addition, the various fluids that help run our bodies are mainly water.  The watery (synovial) fluid around our joints serves as a lubricant to keep them oiled up.  The same for the eyeballs.  There is ocular fluid that lubricates the eyes. There is spinal fluid and more.  All, water-based.


Every organ of the body depends on water directly or indirectly to keep it performing optimally. 

As we all know, water is important.  Nearly just as important though, is the quality of water you drink.

Minerals in the water are especially important for the body.  That is why distilled is so bad for you in the long run.  No minerals.


Tyent ionized alkaline water is not only pure, fresh, and virtually chemical free, it is chock full of minerals, and antioxidants.   With smaller water molecules for faster hydration, your body is hydrated on a cellular level.


Water is essential to our good health and good water is essential to Tyent USA.  We strive to provide you with the best.


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