Fun Friday @ Tyent USA!


                                                               Hey everybody it’s Fun Friday!



 It's Friday-rainbow  This morning is a particularly beautiful Friday morning.  It is bright, sunny, and a little cooler than it has been lately and with the crisp hint of Fall in the air. 


There is something about that word Friday that just feels good doesn’t it?  I realize that it signifies the weekend and the end of a long week, but it’s more than that.  For me, it may be left over from childhood when you knew that Friday meant the weekend was here and you didn’t have to do schoolwork and could just play and have a good time with your friends.  Some things never change.  


But whatever the reason, Friday is here and I am really glad it is.  Everyone here at Tyent USA is happy it’s Friday too.  After a long week of hard work and with all the success we’ve enjoyed creating happy new Tyent customers, it’s time for a nice little break and the weekend has arrived just in time.


I heard a funny joke the other day and I want to share it with you.

 Angry PriestA Priest is riding the train early one morning when it stops at a station, the door opens and a young man stumbles into the car and drops down heavily into the seat right across from him.  It was obvious the man had spent the night out on the town.  His hair was a mess, his clothes were disheveled, and he had lipstick smears on his face and reeked of alcohol.  The Priest stared at him shaking his head in disapproval.  Oblivious, the man pulls a folded newspaper from his jacket pocket and begins reading.

A few minutes pass when the young man bends the top of the paper down and looks over at the Priest.

 Father…how do you get arthritis?  He asks.


Seeing a teaching moment, the Priest points a stern finger and lights into him.


I’ll tell ya how you get arthritis!  You get it by runnin’ around all hours of the night, chasing women of low caliber and associating with ungodly people.  Heavy drinking and maybe a little drug use and not givin’ a hoot about your fellow man.  That’s…how you get arthritis!


I’ll be darned. The young man said wistfully and went back to reading.


The priest looked around.  A few of the nearby passengers who had overheard him looked disappointed at his response and one elderly lady was just shaking her head.


The Priest began to feel a little guilty at what he had said to the young man and cleared his throat.


I’m sorry son…that wasn’t a very godly response from a man of the Cloth…how long have you had the arthritis?


The young man looked up from his newspaper.


Oh, I don’t have arthritis…I just read where the Pope’s got it.





Here are two of the cutest and most talented little dancers you will find.  They are so precious!


Happy Kids


Follow this link for a real heart warmer.


Have a wonderful weekend everybody!



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