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Cucumber     It is August.  August is typically the hottest month of year for many of us here in America with most states averaging around 80 degrees.

Averages don’t always translate to actual though.  As an example, where I am, eighty degrees is normal for this time of year yet it’s been in the nineties all month long and the heat index has been hovering at 100 degrees and above for the past week.

Translation, it is still summer and your body is still susceptible to overheating.  While August may portend cooling temperatures, they aren’t here yet and overheating is still a concern for many in  some of the hotter climates around the country.


What are some of the means by which your body can become overheated?


 Here are the top

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  • Metabolic rate:  The harder you work physically, be it exercise or labor, the more thermal heat your body produces and the hotter you become


  • Conduction:  When walking, heat emanating from hot sidewalks and dark asphalt streets rise up and heat the body


  • Convection:  If you have ever experienced the Santa Ana winds of the west coast you have been effected by convection.  Named after the Santa Ana Canyon in California, these hot blowing winds feel like a hairdryer on your body and can raise your core temperature quickly


  • Radiation:  In summer and especially in the fall, the sun’s rays are more intense and the radiation is higher which causes an increase in body temp


  • Evaporation:  When the humidity is high, the sweat from our bodies’ cannot evaporate as efficiently as it does under less humid conditions and our temperature can increase


 What can happen if we do overheat?


 Exhausted-girl-riding-a-bike    Overheating impacts all areas of the body inside and out.  If we get too hot, the brain doesn’t get enough blood flow and that lack can cause us to overheat.  Symptoms include, but are not limited to,


  • Headaches, dizziness, feeling woozy and a little out of it, and in extreme cases, feinting and loss of consciousness


  •  Goosebumps are usually associated with a chill but can appear on the skin when the blood fails to dissipate the heat properly


  • Stomach cramps and even diarrhea can occur when the body isn’t handling the heat well enough


  • Heat cramps, like stomach cramps can also affect your arms and legs.  Strong cramps and muscle spasms are a good indication you are overheated and need to take a rest


  • The bladder is a good indicator of your hydration level.  If the urine is dark, you need more fluids.  Clear urine is a sign that your body is tolerating the heat and you are properly hydrated


Proper hydration is imperative to keeping all bodily systems functioning as they should and when it comes to re-hydrating or staying hydrated, no water on the planet does that better than Tyent Water.


 Water Hands    Tyent USA water purifying systems make the very best ionized alkaline water.  The benefits of owning a Tyent water purifier are many.  Below are listed but a few of them.


  • Virtually chemical free:  Our advanced, multi-dipped platinum Solid/Mesh Hybrid filters eliminate or drastically reduce the presence of hundreds of dangerous chemicals found in tap water


  •  Smaller water clusters created by Tyent’s ionized alkaline machines hydrate the body on a cellular level


  • No eternal contribution to the landfill from buying those Ozone killing plastic bottles of water


  • $ave money:  At a dollar or more per bottle of water, your machine will pay for itself in savings


  • Clean, safe, and pure drinking water at the touch of a keypad with a lifetime guarantee 



 Kids-in-sunglasses-kids-keeping-cool    When the heat is on you can still remain cool with an ionized alkaline water purifying system from Tyent USA.


With the heat still with us, staying hydrated is important.  However, just as important is having access to clean healthy water year round, regardless of the temperature and Tyent Water provides that in spades.


Discover what tens-of-thousands of people have already learned; you can’t do better than Tyent Water.


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