Don’t Wilt in the Heat This Summer. Stay Hydrated with a Water Ionizer!

Happy First Day of Summer, everyone!

Now that the warmer weather is with us until the fall, gardening enthusiasts will be keen to keep their blooms and veggies well-watered to help them grow into healthy, strong plants. However – it’s also important for YOU to stay hydrated this summer.

Below – we’ll discuss:

Keep Your Garden Hydrated This Summer
Why Is Hydration Important?
How to Tell If You’re Dehydrated
How Can I Drink More Water?
What Are Some Health Benefits of Alkaline Water?
Where Can I Find a Summer Water Ionizer Sale? summer

Keep Your Garden Hydrated This Summer

Got a green thumb?

Not many plants can manage for any length of time without a sprinkling of water – a day or so in the hot sun will quickly turn a thirsty plant into a limp, dried out shadow of its former self.

If you catch it in time, no permanent damage will be done. But, it’s interesting to have a direct reminder of what dehydration means to living things.

Another example is fruit that’s somehow languished for too long in the bowl. Think of how apple skin starts to wrinkle and just look at the difference between grapes and raisins!

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Why Is Hydration Important?

We’re not so dissimilar from plants. Dehydration affects men and women in many – and sometimes different – ways.

Staying on top of your hydration needs is critical to good health. There are so many ways that drinking water supports your mind and body health, such as:

How to Tell If You’re Dehydrated

How can you tell if you need to drink more water? Remember thirst doesn’t always come first.

Set aside a few minutes and do a little self-examination. Have you tested your hydration levels lately?

If you can’t tell whether you are dehydrated or not – both the Pinch Test and the Capillary Refill Check will reveal whether you’re adequately hydrated or not!

How Can I Drink More Water?

Installing a water ionizer at home is a sure-fire way of drinking more water.

Why? Immediately, you’ll notice that the taste of safe, delicious alkaline water is so good. When something tastes great, it’s easy to drink enough of it!

Secondly, you know that the water is not just delicious – it’s also completely safe to drink. The alarming dangers associated with bottled water and tap water are never out of the news these days; peace of mind is priceless.

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What Are Some Health Benefits of Alkaline Water?


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And the benefits don’t end there!

Drinking alkaline hydrogen water straight from a water ionizer delivers fast and lasting hydration, along with health benefits such as:

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Where Can I Find a Summer Water Ionizer Sale?

water ionizer
Our water ionizer deals are warming up nicely…just in time for summer! (P.S. our 4th of July Spectacular kicks off next week!)

Want to learn more about how our award-winning water ionizers can help stop you from wilting in the summer heat?

Our friendly team is available to answer your questions and help you to find the perfect water ionizer machine for you and your loved ones to enjoy and benefit from this summer and beyond – so, give us a call right now at .

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