Grow Your Own Early Summer Salad Leaves (With A Little Help From Your Water Ionizer!)

Have you ever tried to grow your own salad leaves?  Now that the warmer weather and longer days are here, it’s a great time to start!

Growing loose-leaf, cut-and-come-again type salad leaves is easy; the results can be enjoyed quickly and if you have kids that want to get involved, even better!

Keep reading below to learn all about:

  1. How To Grow Your Super Salad!
  2. Seed Soaking For Faster Germination
  3. Kid-Friendly Greens!
  4. Are There Any Water Ionizer Deals Going On?
salad leaves
Growing your own salad leaves is deliciously good fun!

How to Grow Your Super Salad!

All you need is a container of some kind, with drainage holes. A window box or large pot in a sunny spot is perfect.

Here’s the easy method:

  • Almost fill the container with potting/planting mix compost, leaving a space between the top of the growing medium and the edge of the container.
  • Dampen the surface of the compost with water from your water ionizer. (Slightly acidic ionized water – around pH 6.5 – is ideal)
  • Scatter your chosen loose-leaf salad seeds on the surface of the moist compost before sprinkling a thin layer of potting mix over the seeds to cover.

And that’s it! You should start to see shoots poking through, seeking out the light after only a few days.

Keep the container watered as the plants grow and as soon as the bright young leaves are big enough to cut, snip into salads and enjoy!

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Seed Soaking for Faster Germination

Did you know you can also try soaking seeds in ionized water before sowing to get germination off to a flying start?

Just use slightly acidic water from your water ionizer, and soak for no longer than 24 hours, before sowing straight away!

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Kid-Friendly Greens!


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Zingy, super-fresh salad leaves are energizing, healthy, AND a great way to get kids to eat their greens.

Tender, mildly sweet shoots pinched off between a finger and thumb, are enticing even for children who usually turn their noses up at salad leaves!

It can also be tough trying to get kids to drink enough water when the weather warms up. Make it easy on yourself by installing a water ionizer machine at home.

You and your family can then enjoy delicious alkaline hydrogen water at the push of a button on the smartphone-style keypad (something else that kids love!).

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Are There Any Water Ionizer Deals Going On?

water ionizer
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Are you planning on potting up some salad or homegrown veggies this summer?  Why not drop us a line to share your gardening ideas and tips?

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