Water Ionizers Will Keep You Cool – So Don’t Sweat It!

Who remembers that iconic line from the opening sequence of the popular ‘80s show “Fame”?

Every week, tough-but-big-hearted dance teacher Miss Grant yelled at her students that “fame costs…and right here is where you start paying. In sweat.”

alkaline water
Tyent alkaline water is always on point!

Sweating is Cool Because Science Says So!

When we exercise or do anything on a hot day, we sweat. We need to sweat because it’s good for us.

Here’s how the science of sweating works:

  • Between 2-4 million eccrine sweat glands cover our bodies, through which moisture is secreted to help cool us down and regulate our core body temperature.
  • When sweat glands leave your body, they evaporate from your skin and cool you down.
  • As tempting as it is to wipe away the sweat – doing so actually slows down the cooling process because your skin feels cooler when it’s wet.

So, sweat baby sweat!

Trace Minerals Found in Sweat

But sweat isn’t just moisture. Although sweat is composed of around 99% water, sweat also contains trace amounts of urea, ammonia, salts, and sugar.

Whether it’s post-workout or you’ve been sweltering in the summer heat: rehydrating with alkaline water from Tyent water ionizers makes you feel better, faster.

Healthy Hydrogen Bubbles!

Alkaline water from your Tyent water ionizer contains molecular hydrogen, the precious element that’s small enough to cross the blood/brain barrier and create energy from deep within each cell.

You’ll notice little hydrogen water bubbles in your Tyent water when you make it. These bubbles are rich in antioxidants – so make sure you drink these bubbles FAST before they evaporate!

hydrogen water

Bio-Available Ionized Minerals That Are Essential

Ionized Tyent alkaline water contains vital minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium that replenish the minerals you lose when you sweat – hydrating you faster and for longer than regular water.

Another plus? These ionized essential minerals are more bio-available and can be absorbed more efficiently by your body.

Guess Who LOVES Tyent Water Ionizers?

Many star athletes and fitness professionals drink Tyent alkaline water every day because of the incredible difference our water makes to how they feel, during and after training.

Here’s what some of these star athletes had to say about Tyent water:

alkaline water
“Thanks to Tyent alkaline water, not only am I more hydrated, but I have had noticeably more energy. Soreness after games has decreased.” – Dustin Ackley, Los Angeles Angels left fielder. Photo Credit
alkaline water
“My energy levels are higher, and my recovery is quicker than ever – thanks to Tyent alkaline water.” – Ryan Buchter, Oakland Athletics pitcher. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Which Water Ionizer Machine is Best for You?

Our customer care rock stars are standing by and ready to chat with YOU about our range of award-winning water ionizers – so why not call us now at to discover which ionizer is perfect for you?

What’s more, there’s no need to ‘pay in sweat’ as we have some amazing financing options available to you through our EasyPay Financing Program, such as:

  • Monthly payments as low as $99/month
  • As low as $0 money down
  • Low interest rates
  • 97% approval rate

Let Tyent USA help you feel GREAT today with the therapeutic power of hydrogen water!

water ionizers
Our water ionizers would look GREAT in your kitchen!
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  1. Very interesting information. I knew that staying hydrated is the key to feeling energetic all the time. After reading your article, I came to know that the hydrogen in alkaline water will boost your energy at a cellular level!. This news gave me a spring in my step to buying a water ionizer to enjoy alkaline hydrogen water at home!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Alyssa, we appreciate the kind words! If you’re looking for a shortcut that can save you thousands on a water ionizer machine – then our FREE Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet is right up your alley. We’ll catch you up to speed on everything water ionizers so that you can rest easy knowing that the machine you choose to purchase makes the best alkaline water.

      Grab your cheat sheet here: https://www.tyentusa.com/everything-water-ionizers/. Let us know if any questions come up. We’re here to help.

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