Water Ionizers and Hair Health

Did summer leave your tresses a little parched? Wondering how you can get your hair looking its best again without resorting to a cabinet full of expensive products that don’t deliver on their promises?


Water Ionizers and Hair Health


A Water Ionizer Helps Your Hair to Shine!

We hear you. But guess what? A water ionizer doesn’t just help you to get the most out of your fitness routine and enjoy a whole slew of health benefits, it can even help to get your crowning glory looking its best.

For example, the Tyent ACE-13 water ionizer has 3 Alkaline and 3 Acidic Levels – as well as Turbo Modes. After you’ve shampooed, try giving your hair a rinse with acidic water on the turbo setting. Seems strange? Let’s find out why!

The Science Bit!

First, let’s take a quick look under the microscope at a single hair. Each strand is comprised of a protein core – the cortex – around which is an outer layer of overlapping cuticle cells. The way the cuticles are arranged is similar to scales on a fish, or tiles on a roof.

Although alkaline water is the best water to drink and is brilliantly useful around the home, it is acidic water that is fantastic for smoothing hair and bringing out a deep, healthy shine. Alkalinity can cause protein cells to swell. As they do so, that outer layer of cuticles lifts in a non-uniform pattern, ‘ruffling’ the surface of each strand.

Smooth and Moisturized

Using acidic water as a final rinse has the opposite effect: the cuticles lie flat and smoothly along the hair shaft. Each one can retain more moisture as a result and is less likely to break. In terms of how all of this makes your hair look, those cuticles lying flat create a mirror-like surface that reflects the light and looks shiny and healthy.

Hydrogen Water: Good For Every Bit of You!

And of course, you are what you eat and drink: drinking delicious, filtered hydrogen water means that your body is getting the best kind of hydration. Packed with essential minerals and thousands of bubbles of therapeutic molecular hydrogen in every glass, alkaline water from a water ionizer is brilliant for every bit of you!


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