What It Means to Be Featured on E! Homes of the Future

Were we thrilled to be featured on E! Entertainment’s ‘Homes of the Future’? You bet we were!

The concept? To create a home that incorporates the most advanced, desirable elements in the world. Picture a house so smart, so attuned to making your life easier, more comfortable and more beautiful, that you never want to leave it!


What It Means to Be Featured on E! Homes of the Future


What’s in the Dream House?

With an unlimited budget and the right team of experts, take a look at what’s possible!

And with the most innovative and sought-after products and gadgets on the market to choose from, we were really happy to see the E! Entertainment Team select the Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer to feature in this drop-dead gorgeous, eco-friendly dream house.

Why the UCE-11 is Something Special

Tyent is always ahead of the curve when it comes to next-generation technology and incredible style, so it’s not hard to see why a Tyent water ionizer made the cut. Take a look at what sets the UCE-11 apart from the competition:


Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

No one makes tomorrow’s water ionizer technology available today like Tyent. Our design and engineering teams are constantly seeking fresh ways of bringing cutting-edge innovation and exciting new features to our award winning water ionizers.

So a house with a roof that collects water and irrigates the garden? Smart entry system and a glamorous aquarium (at around 0:52) that James Bond himself would raise a Dry Martini to? The sleek, uber-stylish Tyent UCE-11 is perfect in this astonishing home.

But guess what? The UCE-11 is so versatile, that it’s right at home in every house! Discreetly installed beneath your sink, with a smartphone-style keypad and polished steel chic, it looks fabulous in even the tiniest kitchen!

Luxury Living at a LOW Price!

This is luxury living that’s not just for the super-rich! With BIG savings and an Easy-Pay monthly payment plan, owning a water ionizer is within reach of most household budgets.

Want to find out more? Alkaline hydrogen water can change your life in so many ways! Check out our brilliant e-Book and call up our friendly team at 855-TYENT-US (855-893-6887) and let’s talk water ionizers!



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