Kick-Off Summer in an Alkaline Way – Updated Blog

Summer is officially here! It’s time for vacations, fun and a whole lot of relaxation. Here are some tips to keep your body, home and even your garden alkaline strong all summer long!


Kick-Off Summer in an Alkaline Way


The Acidic/Alkaline Garden…What Do Your Plants Thirst For?
Alkaline Water to Deep Clean Your Home!
Alkaline Hydration for You
Your Tips for a Happy Alkaline Summer!

The Acidic/Alkaline Garden…What Do Your Plants Thirst For?

Got a green thumb? If you’re a keen gardener, then you’ll know that different plants thrive in different types of soil, with varying levels of pH.

First, get to know your soil by testing its ambient pH value. Soil test kits are widely available online or at your local gardening or home improvement store.

Once you know the pH of your soil, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s ideal for your plants, or if it needs some tweaking. You can adjust the soil pH levels by watering your garden or pots with either Level 1 alkaline water, H2O, or Level 1 acidic water, providing the perfect bespoke growing environment for each group of plants.

The result? A thriving garden filled with the most vibrant, beautiful flowers and the best-tasting vegetables around!

Alkaline Water to Deep Clean Your Home!

Did you know that you can use the water from your Tyent water ionizer machine to clean your home?

Ditch all of those dangerous, toxic chemical cleaners and replace them with alkaline and acidic water. Tyent Turbo Water is an all-natural cleaner that will keep every room in your home sparklingly clean. Pour into a spray bottle and use it on every surface including windows, wood, stainless steel, granite, tile and carpets.

You can also use it for your laundry! For more information and dozens of all-natural cleaning recipes, please check out our FREE Alkaline Water Uses E-book.

Alkaline Hydration for You

You know that it’s important to stay hydrated, but this is especially true during long, hot summer days, when we sweat more and lose moisture rapidly.

Be sure to hydrate yourself with the best and purest water available. Ionized alkaline water hydrates you faster than regular water and helps you to stay hydrated for longer. Tyent Water is easily absorbed by your cells to keep you super hydrated when you need it most.

Off on a summer day trip? Carry your alkaline water with you in this stylish stainless-steel Water Bottle. These beautifully designed bottles have been created to preserve the properties of alkaline hydrogen water. Your favorite Tyent water will stay cold even on the hottest days!

Your Tips for a Happy Alkaline Summer!

What are your tried-and-tested tips for staying chilled in the heat? Do you have a brilliant hack to keeping your cool when the temperatures rise? Share your best ideas right here!

Everyone at Tyent USA wishes you a safe and happy summer!




Posted June 22, 2015, and updated for accuracy in 2021

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