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Magnified drop    Following yesterday’s blog I received some positive feedback from people who were aghast at the degree of filth some of those bodies of water contained.  I also was asked this same question more than twice, “Where is the cleanest water found?”


I liked that question so I set out to discover where the cleanest water in the world might be found.  Here is what I learned.


When it comes to naturally clean water, we must travel to the far North.  Canada, to be specific.


 Canada Map    Elmvale, Canada:  Located some 90 minutes north of Toronto, the sleepy little village of Elmvale is located in aptly named, Springwater Township.  For the past 20 years the ever-gushing wells of Elmvale have been tested and studied by William Shotyk, a Canadian geochemist and professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences in Heidelberg, Germany.


What professor Shotyk has learned is that the water in this area is some of the cleanest water found on the planet.


Shotyk unequivocally states, “The water contains less lead, by at least a factor of five, than the cleanest ice layers from the Arctic”.  Originally, scientists were skeptical and believed the water had to be ancient, before man made pollution but professor Shotyk has proved that the water was new water, rainwater, less than fifty years old.  “It’s the dirtiest water in Ontario’s history”.  He boasts.


 I wondered how this was possible since that period of human history is when the atmosphere was most loaded with unchecked emissions from automobiles and machines that ran on leaded fuel containing atmospherically harmful additives. 


The answer is that there is a natural filtration system at work.  In the higher elevations to the north, the rainwater trickles slowly through the porous soil, a mixture of rock and sand until it reaches the clay plains where the final filtration occurs creating some of the cleanest water on Earth.


The good professor went on to warn that plastic water bottles eventually leach dangerous chemicals such as antimony, regardless of the purity of the water and should be avoided.


 Scientist -Chemist



I too was curious about the cleanliness of tap water in the world and here is what I discovered.


 Water 5

Top 5 Countries with the Cleanest Tap Water


 5.   Austria

 4.  France

 3.   Luxemberg 

 2.   Norway

 1.   Switzerland


Sadly, my research did not show America listed in the top ten places with the cleanest tap water so if you live here you may want to consider another source of drinking water.


Take heart, for all is not lost.  Wherever you live in America you can still enjoy pure, clean water that rivals the best water found anywhere, including Elmvale.


Tyent USA’s ionized alkaline water purifiers, remove or reduce the presence of hundreds of chemicals found in tap water.  Laboratory testing conducted by State Certified water testing facility Envirotek, has proven Tyent Water deserving of the prestigious 2014 People’s Choice Award for Best Water Ionizer in the business.


Tyent machines were put through their paces having hundreds of chemicals introduced into them with outstanding results.  Tyent water purifiers scored off the charts in effectively reducing a very long list of dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals. 


If pure, virtually chemical free water is important to you, and it should be, please take a moment to look into investing in a Tyent USA ionized alkaline water purifying system.


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