3 Truths About Bottled Alkaline Water

The advent of the internet means that there is a lot of accessible information out there, and it can prove pretty hard to decipher what is worth listening to, and what you should mentally throw out with the trash. 

So here is your one-stop, no frills guide to the Three Truths About Bottled Alkaline water.

  1. Alkaline Water Improves Your Health

    Drinking alkaline water keeps your body functioning better, enables it to protect itself more effectively, and helps your body to maintain its own defenses from within.  Alkaline water improves the appearance of your skin, boosts your energy levels and hydrates you faster and more efficiently than ordinary water.   

  2. Alkaline Water Is a Greener Option

    Better for You, Better For The Planet

    Fitting an ionizer to your water supply will filter your tap water on demand, therefore disposing of the disposables!  Using a refillable container, such as the Tyent GoodLife bottle, to take your alkaline water out and about with you is a far more environmentally friendly option than buying plastic bottles of water and letting them become part of the 72% of bottles produced in the US that don’t get recycled.

  3. Alkaline Water Doesn’t Break The Bank

    If you enjoy drinking ordinary bottled water, then you’re probably used to spending a fair amount of money being ‘healthy’, right?  So the third truth about alkaline water can be a dealbreaker, when you realize that fresh ionized water from your own unit costs just 6 cents per glass. 

    6 cents a glass?  Have as many as you like, darling.


So there we have it.  Three truths about drinking alkaline water that we all can aspire to – improved health, better for the planet, and hey, I honestly can’t think of a single other way to spend 6 cents that gives you this much return for your money. 

So the truth about alkaline water?  That it’s 6 cents which really does make an awful lot of sense!

Looking for more ways to save money?  Check out The Ultimate Guide to alkaline water uses for a list of products you can replace or improve with alkaline water!

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