The Top 5 Reasons Alkaline Water Is Better For You

There are a ton of people out there on one side or the other of the alkaline water debate. Whatever your stance, the research that has been done looks pretty promising. This –along with millions of testimonials– shows that a higher pH of water benefits people’s health in a lot of ways. What are some of these benefits? Here are five of the reasons why alkaline water is better for you.


5. It Keeps People More Hydrated
Alkaline water keeps athletes and those with extremely active lifestyles hydrated for much longer. This is because it keeps the kidneys from shedding water so quickly. Alkaline water is said to act like an anti-diuretic, keeping the fluid in your system longer, which in turn, keeps you from needing to re-hydrate so often while in the middle of a big game, a marathon, or an intense spinning class.

4. Alkaline Water Might Help Fight off Premature Aging
Alkaline water has the ability to fight off oxidization of cells in your body –and this includes red blood cells and skin cells. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition showed “…that drinking hydrogen rich water increased urinary anti-oxidant enzyme.” – meaning that it forces hydrogen, a major oxidization-fighter, into your bloodstream with every sip. By drinking alkaline water you can stave off fine lines and uneven skin tone just a bit longer.


3. It’s Loaded With Electrolytes
Because alkaline water isn’t at all acidic, it’s jam-packed with love-your-body electrolytes like calcium, potassium, and magnesium that balance your body’s pH. These are especially important for fitness buffs or anyone who is losing electrolytes through illnesses that can range from the common cold to cancer. –and you can get them from alkaline foods or water! Livestrong agrees, stating that “In order to raise the pH level of the body, alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables can be consumed.”. It’s safe to say that this also includes alkaline water.

2. Alkaline Water Detoxes Your System
If you take medication, are on chemotherapy drugs, or eat a fairly liberal diet, chances are that you’re consuming a lot of stuff that can build up in your system over time. Not everything that accumulates is normal either –toxins and free radicals can build up in your body from your food, meds, and any other therapeutic supplements you might be taking. Instead of drinking normal water with charcoal or ionized clay in it, go for water that’s already alkaline. It’ll help drag some of those impurities out of your body without being messy, finicky to mix, or odd tasting.


1. Alkalized Water Supports the Fight Against Infection
Although research into alkaline water isn’t as cut and dry as one would hope, it does show promise with keeping bad bacteria and pH sensitive viruses from getting out of control. This is something that seems to be echoed by all alkaline water enthusiasts with most asserting that the ‘Oxidation-reduction potential’ of alkaline water supports the immune system.  In fact, a Dr. Sircus article shows us how “Certain viruses…infect host cells by fusion with cellular membranes at low pH.”. Because we know this to be true, we can connect the dots with how a higher pH in the body will keep you healthy.

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