Better For Your Body, Easy on Your Wallet: Tyent Alkaline Water

The old idiom is, “Time is money.” In the fast-paced, modern day world that couldn’t be truer.

Do you know who first said, “Time is money”? This picture provides a hint.

I found myself overpaying for products and beverages in the name of convenience, hoping to save a few minutes of my day. Then, I started exploring the possible uses of my Tyent water ionizer and realized how much money I was throwing away by not taking full advantage of my machine.

Making Alkaline Water Couldn’t Be Easier


Technology has made human life excessively simple. With the press of a button, we can send information across the world, make a phone call, or turn on a car. Did you know that Tyent water ionizers produce healthy alkaline water at the press of a single button? In fact, the Tyent UCE 11 contains 11 plates that filter and alkalize water twice as fast as the closest competitor.

Take a gander at the UCE 11 ionizer: You’ll be amazed by the features and the sale price!

Within seconds of pressing a button, a full glass of alkaline water is ready for consumption, at an average cost of only 6 cents. Currently, the Statistic Brain Research Institute lists the average cost of one bottle of water at $1.45. That is over 24 times the cost of a glass of Tyent ionized water and without the antioxidant benefits!

The Many Money Saving Tricks from Tyent USA


Eliminating bottled water from your family’s budget is only the beginning of the savings. Tyent water ionizers produce a range of acidic and alkaline waters with a variety of uses. Don’t worry; selecting the pH level of water is made easy by the digital touch screen that is common to all Tyent models.

Alkaline Levels:

  • Level 3 – used for increased athletic performance and recovery. Can replace sports drinks.
  • Level 1 and 2 – great for daily consumption as a replacement for bottled water.

Acidic Levels:

  • Level 1 – mouthwash, hair rinse, face wash. Can replace all of those things.
  • Level 2 – antiseptic for cuts and scrapes. Can replace topical creams and ointments.
  • Level 3 – good for sanitizing countertops and bathroom surfaces. Can replace expensive and harmful chemical cleaners.

Remember, Tyent ionized water costs only 6 cents a glass. I visited Walmart and found these prices for the following items.

  • Sports Drinks cost $1.00 each (32 fl oz Gatorade)
  • Mouthwash costs $5.97 per bottle (1.5 L Listerine)
  • Face Wash costs $3.99 per bottle (6.78 oz Olay)
  • Bleach costs $3.84 per bottle (121 oz Clorox)

Imagine the savings that accumulate over years of using a Tyent water ionizer.

Financing and a Free 75-Day Trial Available!

Tyent wants to see everyone save money and live healthier. As part of their pledge, Tyent offers 6 to 18-month payment plans all at 0% interest.

Benjamin Franklin may have coined the phrase, “Time is money,” but Tyent USA is giving it new meaning. Find a money and time-saving machine in the Tyent Ionizer Buyer’s Guide: and start you free 75-day trial today.

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