Seven Places You Forget to Take Your Water Bottle

Your body needs water—for concentration, energy, blood flow, and a multitude of other functions that are simply impossible without drinking enough water. Taking a hefty water bottle with you when you’re away from home is a perfect way to make sure you’re giving your body a steady flow of water.

But even if you have good intentions and a nifty water bottle, it’s easy to forget your water supply when you’re away from home. So we compiled a list of the top seven places where it’s easy to forget that your water bottle is a much-needed companion—in hopes that you’ll remember it next time.

On a road trip.  Instead of relying on (unhealthy) gas station or fast-food drinks, make sure everyone in the car packs a bottle of cold water before heading out on the open road. Our GoodLife bottles keep water ice-cold in the car, which is much tastier than the lukewarm stuff you normally drink when you pack a take-along water bottle.

At the gym. Stop spending money at the vending machine—and start hydrating more deeply than the water-cooler cups can. Take your water bottle of alkaline ionized water with you for more energy at the gym, and to stay stronger for longer.

To the couch. Long day? Time to relax on the couch? Do your body a bit of good, and have your water bottle camp out alongside you on the sofa. We’re more likely to consume enough water when it’s within arm’s reach, so squeeze in a few swigs while you’re vegging out. You’ll be better-hydrated for the next busy day ahead.

To your desk. Some busy adults go the entire day without drinking water, simply skipping from coffee to the soda or other beverage they drink at lunch. Make sure you take your water bottle to your desk so you keep sipping all morning and afternoon.

On your commute. Feeling sleepy in the morning? You could just be dehydrated! Try replenishing your body on your morning commute with refreshing water instead of coffee.

Walking the dog. Take along your water bottle for a few extra sips of all-important water while you’re out and about with the family canine.

Biking, camping, hiking, and beyond. When you’re physically active, you need even more water than you normally would! No matter what outdoor activities you’re during this fall (or any season), keep your water bottle nearby, either in your backpack or bike-pack.

Taking a to-go bottle of water doesn’t have to be lukewarm. With a GoodLife bottle, your water stays ice-cold for up to 24 hours, thanks to the eco-friendly dual walls made of high-quality stainless steel.

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