Clean Green: Ways to Clean and Sanitize the Eco-Friendly Way

While it’s always admirable to show the world you’re a clean freak, your incessant cleaning could actually be harming the environment. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that certain cleaning products are associated with health and environmental risks, including damage to water bodies, poor air quality, and increased pollution. You can read a lot of material about the negative effects of cleaning products on the environment, but at Tyent, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that the green-cleaning way is the better way.

How to clean without these harmful products? Here are a few eco-friendly suggestions to implement into your cleaning routine. (Thanks to Apartment Therapy for the resources.)

Cleaning grout and grime: For floors and tiles, safe and nontoxic baking soda, vinegar, or oxygen bleach (yes, it’s safe for the environment!) will do the trick.

Getting rid of kitchen grease: Whip out the vinegar and baking soda again! But if your grease is too pesky, try this pro tip from hardcore kitchen cleaners: Grease removes grease, so a natural vegetable oil may be the ticket for your oily mess.

Shining your silver: To go green with your silver, this special concoction of baking soda, water, and aluminum foil will work magic. Put water, baking soda, and aluminum foil into a saucepan; bring to a boil; and place your silverware into the pan! The shininess will amaze you—as will the lack of stinky silver cleaners.

Enter the herbs: Herbs can be used to clean food and pet stains, and also boost your laundry detergent! Find out ways to clean with herbs. You’ll be the cleanest—and greenest—of them all.

Removing rust: An old-fashioned vinegar soak will remove the rust, scrub-free. Vinegar is one of the best multi-purpose cleaners for those opting out of harmful chemicals in their cleaning products.

Sprucing up glass surfaces: The fumes of glass cleaners are oppressive on both your senses and the environment. Clean glass with one part vinegar and one part water for crystal-clear mirrors and windows.

Acidic water: Thanks to water from a Tyent water ionizer (like the UCE 9000t), your tap water can be turned into surface-cleaning and sanitizing acidic water. You don’t want to drink the stuff, but you can use acidic water to clean household surfaces and products with none of the harmful effects of household chemicals.

Do you have more DIY cleaning products to share? Pass them along!


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