How To Start Dieting Again (When You Don’t Really Want To)

Yay – it’s that time of year again! Time to start looking forward to the summer, planning day trips and picnics, maybe a vacation, swimming and sipping cooling drinks, and… oh yes. That other thing that many of us do at this time of year. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and wonder if we can still fit into last year’s bikini or swim shorts.


How to Start Dieting Again


Make Positive Changes

Look. If your favorite outfit is a little snug, because lockdown/winter/life, don’t feel disheartened. Millions of people are in the same boat. If you want to make changes to your lifestyle and diet to help you feel a little more confident going into the summer, then we’ve got your back.

But what if you really can’t face dieting again? Isn’t it hard enough trying to navigate life and work right now without denying ourselves the delicious food we most love to eat?


The Six-Point Weight Loss Plan You’ll Love!

So here’s where we can help. How about a brand new, healthy eating plan without the pain and feelings of deprivation? And it’s super-easy – just follow these 6 key steps and stick with them until you’ve reached your goal.

1. The basics: whatever you eat, add some vegetables to it. They give you vitamins, fiber, minerals and bulk to help you feel fuller. Scrambled eggs in the morning? Add mushrooms, baby spinach leaves or both. Grabbing a sandwich? Load it with tomatoes, cucumber and salad leaves. Or how about some chargrilled vegetables with a little feta or goat’s cheese? If you make a one-pot meal, bulk it out with whatever vegetables you have – it’s hard to go too far wrong.

2. Ditch any junk food, processed foods (especially processed meats) and refined sugar products. You’re not giving them up for life (unless you want to); you’re quitting them for a while because you have a goal to work toward.

3. If you eat meat, switch to lean white meat and try serving it with a salad instead of bread or potatoes. And salad never needs to be boring – think toasted seeds, pomegranate seeds, grilled smoked tofu, sun-dried tomatoes and zesty, herby dressings.

4. Be honest about your weaknesses. If you LOVE chocolate, have a little of it, but only a little. If you know that you’re partial to a late-night snack, get an early night. If you crave sugar when you’re tired, resist and reach for something satisfying – maybe a homemade oatmeal cookie sweetened with dried fruit – to kill that craving.

5. Focus on your goal. Your mind is a powerful tool, so get it working for you. Keep telling yourself where you want to be and visualize it. A simple yet powerful thought to hold in your mind: in 3 months’ time, you’ll be so happy that you started today.

6. Drink lots and lots of alkaline hydrogen water from your water ionizer. Why ionized alkaline water? Because it can help to make a huge difference to how you look and feel. Each glass of ionized water contains thousands of bubbles of molecular hydrogen. Every single one contains unique properties that can help to support and encourage faster, easier weight loss.


Get Ready to Welcome Summer

Stick with our Six-Point Plan and combine it with whatever exercise you enjoy most. And then get ready to welcome Summer 2021 feeling strong, confident and fabulous!

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