Do you have Dry Skin?

Posted by: Rhona Reid On August 1, 2022 1:28 pm

After your morning shower, do you practically sprint across the bathroom to grab the moisturizer before your skin starts to get that dry, tight feeling? We hear you!


Got Dry Skin


America Spends How Much Fixing Dry Skin?

Dry skin affects millions of people, and the beauty industry that has built up around alleviating it is worth billions.

But while we spend a hefty amount on taking care of our skin – the average American spends $322.88  on skin care every year — what you’re carefully applying to your dry skin isn’t enough.

The Cheap & Healthy Answer to Dry Skin

The thing is, if you only treat the symptom you can see – your dry skin – you’re not really …

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The Stars Come Out For Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water (new + improved)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On October 16, 2014 6:04 pm

Any company would be very happy to land a well-known celebrity to endorse their product, as well it should.  It is a proven fact that when someone recognizable tells the people about your goods or services, sales increase.  That’s effective advertising; the better known the personality, the more credibility it lends to your company and the more people trust what you’re selling.

Celebrities are speaking out about Tyent water ionizers.

Some companies however, use celebrities merely to sell you a bill-of-goods.  I have seen many times, and I’m certain you have too, actors that hawk a product that you know they don’t really use.

There used to be a term back in the day, brand loyalty, where celebrities didn’t 

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Natural Remedies for Winter Dryness

Posted by: tyent On January 15, 2013 3:52 pm


Baby, it’s cold outside!  Cold winter weather usually brings dry hair and skin along with it.  The heat is on in our homes and the dry, hot air strips away the moisture from our bodies.  You have to deal with managing flyaway hair and zapping everything you touch along with flaky, dull skin.

Here are some ways to help you get some much-needed moisture back into your life!

Dry winter skin -

  • Use a humidifier.  Humidifiers add moisture to the air.  The moisture can help alleviate problems caused by dry air, such as stuffy noses and sore throats.  Make sure to change the water in your humidifier every day and clean the humidifier with strong acidic water every three
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