7 Smart Drinking Tips to Survive This New Year’s Eve

Planning on enjoying a few alcoholic drinks on New Year’s Eve? Then follow our 7 Smart Drinking Tips to make sure that you leap into 2021 feeling happy and healthy – and NOT suffering from the dreaded hangover!


7 Smart Drinking Tips to Survive This New Year's Eve


1. You know the Big Night is approaching, so put some work in for a few days beforehand to prep your body and maximize its resilience. Take some exercise, make sure that your mealtimes focus on good, varied nutrition and whole foods, and make sure that you clock up plenty of sleep if you’re planning a late night.


2. Sticking with food, eat before the party starts. Enjoy satisfying, slow-release and nutritionally-rich foods such as avocado on whole grain toast, with poached or scrambled eggs on the side and a portion of lightly dressed baby spinach leaves. Or how about homemade vegetarian chili, packed with veggies and beans and served with sour cream and wholegrain rice? ‘Lining your stomach’ before drinking alcohol can make a world of difference to how you feel the next day!


3. Once the partying starts, nibble on finger foods and any snacks that are made available. However, try to avoid any food that is too spicy or salty, so you’re not tempted to wash it down with more booze!


4. There isn’t much hard evidence to support the idea that combining drinks leads to a worse hangover. However, if you feel as though sticking with one type of alcoholic drink works for you, then do so, but be mindful of how much you’re drinking. If someone offers to top up your glass or get you another drink, don’t automatically say yes! Pace yourself – a New Year’s Eve celebration is a long game!


5. Either stick to soft drinks all evening or avoid drinking more than one or two commercial soda-type drinks at the most. Soda is the lesser of two evils compared to alcohol, but the number of liver-stressing additives and chemicals it can contain are likely to contribute to a hangover, rather than ease one.


6. Instead, drink water, water, water. It’s hands down the best way to dilute the effects of alcohol, slow down the rate at which you drink and hydrate your body (remember that dehydration is one of the BIG reasons hangovers feel so wretched). Alkaline hydrogen water is far and away the best type to drink. It hydrates you more thoroughly, energizes you to see in the New Year and tastes so much better than regular water!


7. After the party, as tempting as it might be, don’t just fall into bed immediately after cleaning your teeth and washing your face. Drink a couple of glasses of water as you prepare for bed and if you can face it, eat a simple, light snack that is both anti-inflammatory and high in omega-3 – a banana is perfect.


Follow these easy tips, enjoy the party and show 2021 that you mean business!


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