7 Reasons to Love Your Water Ionizer!

Is your favorite drink that first glass of mineral-rich Tyent water in the morning?  Maybe it’s the thirst-quenching glug after a run or tough session in the gym?  It could even be the pitcher you share with your kids as you catch up on everyone’s day.

Drinking ionized alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer
Nothing beats waking up to a glass of Tyent Water. 
Everyone’s Favorite!

Whatever your favorite Tyent moment, we’ve rounded up 7 of the most popular reasons to love your water ionizer, at any time of day.  Let us know what you’d like to add to our list!

  1. You feel great! Watch this incredible video to find out just how quickly Tyent Water gets to work in your body.
  2. You look great! Ionized water is packed with antioxidants that neutralize aging free radicals to leave you looking radiant and youthful.  Acidic water from your ionizer makes a fantastic pH balanced skin conditioner, leaving your skin clean, soft and glowing.
  3. Hydration! It might seem obvious, but when your water doesn’t taste good, it’s just not as easy to drink the amount we all need to stay healthy.  Tyent Water tastes so good that it stops being a chore to drink enough water each day, and starts being a pleasure!
  4. You have more energy! Ionized water is chock-full of hydrogen, which energizes your body right down at a cellular level.  Enjoy gentle exercise?  Hit the gym twice a week?  Train on the track or field?  Whatever your regular routine, you’ll notice an incredible difference in both your energy levels and your recovery time when you drink Tyent Water.
  5. Immune System Boost! The antioxidants in Tyent Water shore up your immune system and help to support a healthy state of wellness.
  6. Want to Lose Weight? Need to lose a few pounds or just want to maintain a healthy weight?  Drinking freshly filtered water from your Tyent ionizer can help with both.
  7. Healthier Planet! Millions of plastic bottles are dumped into landfill every year.  Drinking water straight from your ionizer means that you’re not adding to the tons of waste that are already there. 
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What do You Love about Your Water Ionizer?

There are so many reasons to love your award-winning Tyent ionizer.  Why not share your own personal favorite in the comments section below?

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