Tyent Water Ionizers Versus the Competition, Part 10: Water Ionizer vs. Other So-Called Healthy Beverages

Just before the holiday celebrations really begin, we’re not just wrapping presents; it’s also a wrap on our 10-part series on how water ionizers compare to other drinks and machines on the market. We aim to present the facts and let you decide for yourself which option is best for you!

They’ll laugh even more when they realize that they’ve bought each other a Tyent Ionizer.
They’ll laugh even more when they realize that they’ve bought each other a Tyent Water Ionizer.

The Healthy Choice?

Today, we’re taking a look at “healthy drinks” and examining the claims and the reality.  When people talk about healthy options, they usually mean low-fat, low-sugar or something that contains fresh ingredients.

The best of the bunch is a freshly-made juice or smoothie, made primarily from vegetables, with a little natural sugar from fruit.  Something like black kale and ginger with watermelon; or how about mint, apple and cucumber?  There are some delicious combinations out there to experiment with and make an excellent addition to your diet.

The downside is that freshly made juices and smoothies can deteriorate quite quickly in terms of both appearance and flavor, as the ingredients oxidize.  Also, while juices aren’t too easy to whip up quickly, Tyent Water is available at the simple touch of a button!

Bottling Out

But bottled juices are good, right?  Well, many contain added preservatives to ensure that the color and flavor remain stable, and pure juice can really pack quite a kick with its sugar content.  An occasional juice is fine, but if you drank it all the time, your dentist would probably start to notice!

A New Low for Low-Sugar

Low-sugar drinks with aspartame are all kinds of bad news – linked to carcinogens, diabetes, depression, and, perhaps surprisingly, weight gain.  Hardly the healthy option.

Tyent Water – No Health Warning Needed!

Tyent ionized water is naturally fat-free and sugar-free.  It contains hydrogen to boost your energy rather than caffeine.  Packed with antioxidants, it helps you to look good naturally, by kicking aging free radicals to the curb.

Tyent Water is super-hydrating, brilliant for boosting your overall sense of well-being and it doesn’t come with any health warnings!

Man Reading Information On Juice Bottle

Over to You!

Do you have any seasonal smoothie or juice recipes to share?  Try your favorite with a splash of iced Tyent Water for an even healthier treat!

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