How Firefighters Can Benefit from Alkaline Water

Did you know that there were an estimated 1,134,400 firefighters in America in 2014 (U.S. Fire Administration), working on either a voluntary or career basis?  As we head into the holiday season, and we hope for a peaceful time with our families, it’s really worth reflecting for a moment on the dedication of the men and women who form such a vital part of our emergency services.

How Tyent Water can help firefighters recover faster.
Tyent Alkaline Water can help firefighters recover faster.

How can Tyent alkaline water help firefighters?  What benefits could a firefighter expect to see and how might it help them tackle their challenging and demanding job?

Hydration and Firefighters

In 2013, a pilot study was published entitled The Effect of Hydration on Whole Blood Viscosity (WBV) in Firefighters.  Using the context of cardiovascular disease being the ‘leading cause of on-duty death among firefighters,’ the study sought to look at hydration and dehydration as bio-markers in the measurement of WBV, and investigate the effect of exertion followed by re-hydration, during a mock fire drill. 

 “Blood viscosity is a critical parameter that determines the amount of friction against the blood vessels, indicates how hard the heart has to pump, and how much oxygen is delivered to the body’s organs and tissues.” 

                                                          ~ Dr. R. Holsworth

How Ionized Water Helps

Central to the study was the objective of finding out whether drinking ionized alkaline water provided better and faster hydration than other types of water.  The upshot?  Yes it does.  The firefighters who drank ionized alkaline water under test conditions were fully re-hydrated in less time than by drinking regular water. But why?

Here’s how: water leaves the stomach and enters the intestine to be absorbed by the body. Between the stomach and intestine is the pyloric valve.  This valve responds to the higher pH levels in ionized alkaline water, opening more quickly to allow the water to reach the body faster.

The following amazing video shows how Tyent ionized alkaline water affects your body, almost immediately, in a fairly spectacular way.  Tyent water can increase your energy simply by drinking it.

Regular water, bottled water, and plain filtered water do not contain the same abundance of active hydrogen and antioxidants, and cannot compare with the incredible benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water.

Potential Lifesaver?

In everyday, civilian life, speedy and thorough re-hydration is a very useful benefit.  To athletes and pro-sportspeople, it’s a total game-changer.  To firefighters who have to race up and down the stairs of burning buildings, enter smoke-filled rooms and carry heavy equipment, it could be a lifesaver.

working an active attic fire in a dwelling on fire

We’re grateful to our firefighters for the amazing things they do all year round.  We wish them and their families a happy and peaceful holiday.  If you’d like to find out more about the energy boost and ultra-hydration that Tyent water can deliver over the festive period, then call us now at .

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